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11 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Appeciated

Relationships can sometimes get lost in the rhythm of everyday life. You stop communicating as much, fall into a regular pattern, and begin to feel like you are losing connection. To keep the marriage or relationship in a good place, it’s imperative to make time to make each other feel loved. Thanking your wife and finding ways to make your wife feel appreciated can make a big difference.

The Small Things Matter

Not everything has to be grandiose to show your love. Oftentimes, small things or phrases can help us find connections better than grand gestures. Sharing moments with your partner or talking about your day can reestablish lost feelings and help you reunite. When looking at ways to make your wife feel appreciated, try to think outside the box. Remember that small acts of kindness can make a big difference! 

Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Appreciated

Perhaps you have a hard time showing your feelings. Maybe you want to find a new creative way to make your wife feel appreciated. Here we have compiled a list of different things you can do to make that happen. Don’t be afraid to try many of these options. Use this as an opportunity to learn about what they like.

Participate in things with her

If your partner goes to Yoga or art class, ask if they would like you to attend as well. This shows that you care about their interests and want to learn about them. Even if you are not a big fan of art or exercise, participating can show your partner their hobbies matter. 

Make your wife feel appreciated with intimacy

Intimacy is one of the greatest forms of connection. Intimacy is not just sex. It’s the act of touching and enjoying each other. If your partner is having a rough day, offer to give them a back massage. Give them a hug when they seem upset Make time to be close on the couch and watch a TV show. If you aren’t sure what kind of intimacy they enjoy most, ask them! Usually, your spouse will be happy to tell you what makes them feel comforted.

Makes your wife feel appreciated with surprises

One great way to make your wife feel appreciated is to surprise them in a way that THEY would enjoy. Keep in mind that not all people like big surprises, like parties or big lifestyle changes. A surprise could be some flowers delivered to the work or home, a kind letter mailed to them, or even a small gift bag filled with their favorite candy.

Leave appreciation notes

If your partner could use some reminders of how much you appreciate them throughout the day, put little sticky notes around the home in places she will find. Write something pleasant on them- like a compliment, something you like, a fond memory, or something inspirational. Some examples of things you could write are:

  • I love when you put your hair behind your ear.
  • I’m thankful for you cleaning after your long work days when I know you are tired.
  • Dinner after work?
  • You are a strong, beautiful woman!
  • I am lucky to have someone who makes me feel so special.
  • I see everything you do for our family, and I am so thankful

The ideas are endless! If you have inside jokes or code words for things, it might be fun to put those on there. Put the notes in places they will find randomly, like inside a tea cupboard, in the closet, in their drawers, or anywhere else they would naturally look.

Help her without asking

If your partner regularly does the dishes, drops the kids off at school, or does any other task, surprise them by taking that responsibility to give them a break. It will be a nice relief if they feel stressed, and let them know you truly view this as a partnership. Marriages are fluid, and you should balance each other out as needed, so taking something off of their plate will be a kind gesture to let your wife know you appreciate them. For some people, it can be difficult to ask for help, or perhaps they don’t want to ask to keep you from becoming more stressed. Show them you are willing to help out without having to be told.

Start her morning off

Many people dream of waking up in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee. Make that happen! It doesn’t need to be every day, but now and again, it is a kind gesture that makes their morning easier and maybe even makes their day. Look at what your partner enjoys the most in the mornings and the habits they have created. Do they have a favorite breakfast food? What do they drink in the morning? Set up their slippers, robe, favorite sweater or sweatpants, journal, or whatever they enjoy, and create a morning worth remembering.

Verbalize support

If your spouse is interested in something, support them in their endeavors. Be understanding of their concerns and tell them you are proud of them and are happy they are pursuing something that means a lot to them. Be encouraging, you are the other half of the marriage, and that means the other half of the team! Sports team players root for each other on the sidelines, and you should too. Support can also mean helping them with a tough issue or being there when they are having a bad day.

Use nonverbals

Communication is NOT just verbal. When you are taking time to listen to your partner or are trying to be supportive, make sure you are giving them your full attention to helping your wife feel appreciated. Look them in the eyes, keep your body angled to them, and nod when they are speaking. Sometimes it can be helpful to repeat sentences back to make sure you understand- that means you are listening, even if you aren’t completely following.

Make time for date nights

If you have children or busy lifestyles, it can seem challenging to get out and have a nice dinner or date. Find time to have dates, even if it’s only an hour. You can surprise your spouse, or if you have chaotic schedules, pick a day a month or an hour a week reserved for the two of you. During that time, it’s about your relationship and nothing else. Go to a movie, a nice restaurant, a hike in the park, or make dinner together. Making time for your marriage is critical to its success and establishing closeness.

Make your wife feel appreciated with compliments

When you notice something particularly nice or something that requires a lot of effort on your spouses’ part, give them a compliment. Maybe you like the shoes they are wearing, the jeans they wear, a certain color, or even the way they laugh. These small notions don’t cost a thing and can make someone feel special. This, in turn, can communicate to them what you like and is a win-win situation.

Make your wife feel appreciated with compromise

There may be some things that your spouse loves to do that you despise. Maybe it’s a certain type of food or an activity they’ve been begging you to do. While you shouldn’t do something, you truly don’t want to do, engaging in things that mean a lot to them will show your wife you appreciate her. Maybe light a candle that may not smell the way you prefer, buy her food you don’t like, or wear the cologne she likes. There is compromise on both ends in a marriage, and showing her you value her opinion can take your relationship to the next level.

If you want to make your wife feel appreciated, take the time to show her. It may be helpful to try a variety of the above methods and see which ones seem to make a big difference or incite a good reaction. For some people, a small gift may not be meaningful, whereas, for others, it may be an exciting token of your love. Discuss what they would like to see you do more of and what makes them feel appreciated. This is a good opportunity to discuss what makes you feel appreciated, too! Having a successful marriage means connecting and rediscovering yourself. If one of you does not feel appreciated, these small gestures can greatly impact your relationship.

Make time for each other, find new hobbies to enjoy and team-building to do. Life can easily become busy, and many of us fall into habits that distance ourselves from our partners. While we certainly all need our space, prioritizing your marriage and making your spouse feel appreciated will be a game-changer for your lives.

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