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14 Game-Changing Bucket List Ideas for Couples

Need some fresh ideas for date night as a married couple? You only need a bucket list of creative date ideas and a calendar.

This list describes two dozen dates that are fun, sexy, and adventurous.

Spend the Night Under the Stars

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The night can be magical when you lose track of time under the stars. Spread out a blanket and watch the sunset turn into a starscape. Go to a drive-in movie. Take a walk on an evening with a full moon. Go “fishin’ in the dark.” No matter your idea, the stars above you will create a romantic backdrop.

Play Miniature Golf

One of the great ideas for couples to have fun together is to capture some youthful fun by going to a family-friendly miniature golf course. Families and teenagers might surround you, but that’s the point. Keep your date in stitches as you navigate the alligator maze on hole #3. Enjoy some innocent fun with a dash of competition!

Go to an Amusement Park

Amusement parks aren’t just for kids anymore. The thrill of a roller coaster ride can be exhilarating when sitting next to the one you love. Take time between rides to stroll quietly hand-in-hand, enjoy each other’s company, and share some ice cream.

Explore the Historic Downtown Area of a City Near You

Old downtown areas are the personality of any city. It’s the perfect place to wander around and explore. Find a charming place to eat, observe the stately architecture, or meander through a street market. Absorb some of the community vibes for a casual, unstructured date.

Take an Unplanned Road Trip

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How about some spontaneous travel? Choose a designated “scenic route” in your area. Set a course for a national monument in a neighboring state. Have your partner spin you in circles blindfolded, and whatever direction you face is the direction you drive. Pack some food and a small bag, and away you go! You don’t have to go far to find your sense of adventure.

Stay Overnight at a Swanky Hotel or Upscale B&B

Save your pennies and book one ultra-luxurious overnight. Don’t worry too much about the scenery outside the building. Use this night to get room service and soak up the luxury – bonus points if your place has access to spa services. Hint: pack your fun underwear for this trip!

Visit a Kooky Local Landmark

Get your cheese on and plan a trip to a nearby tourist trap. You might not be visiting a significant historical landmark, but the slightly hokey atmosphere can add a spark of fun. Take some awesome selfies in front of every display. Support the local merchants by snagging some souvenirs, and don’t forget the postcards.

Have Dinner At An Ethnically Authentic Restaurant You’ve Never Been to Before

Have you never been to a sushi bar before? New to authentic Indian cuisine? Open up to a unique food experience together. Ask your server for some suggestions and local favorites.

Absorb the atmosphere, music, and sense of community in the restaurant. Get sampler plates or smaller entrees to try and share several new dishes. Hurray for leftovers!

Revisit Your First Date

Whether it’s been one year or 20 years since your first date, a trip down memory lane is bound to spark some nostalgia. If you don’t live near the area where you dated, do your best to find something with a similar vibe.

Recall your clothes, what else you were doing that day, and what you thought on that big day.

Put One Person in Charge of a Mystery Date With a Blindfold

If you like surprises, then a blindfolded mystery date is for you. One of you is in charge, and the other has to go with the flow. The date planner can give clues and hints leading up to the date or keep everything completely hush-hush.

When it’s time for your date, the blindfold goes on, and the mystery begins. Next time around, switch places.

Take a Fun Class Together Over Something New to Both of You

Know what happens when a couple enjoys learning together? Laughter, mistakes, cooperation, triumph, and celebration of joining forces. You’re each probably good at lots of different things on your own. Coming together to do something from scratch joins you as teammates. High five, partner! Figuring out something new is a lot more fun with a partner.

Go to an Epic Concert Together

The year’s best concert just got announced, and you’re going! Stash some cash, so when you see an excellent show comes up, you can jump on it. Listen to all the music for weeks ahead of time so you know the lyrics. Get up on your band history. Plan to stay the night at a hotel, even if you don’t live far away. Scope out the eateries near the venue. Remember your earplugs, and make it a night to remember!

Have Sex Somewhere Adventurous

Sure, getting in time under the sheets is fun, but knowing what gets the blood pumping is fun. A little adventure. It doesn’t have to be illegal or even visible to anyone.

It must feel fresh and a little out of your comfort zone. Park in a remote area and do it in the car. Pop a tent and have a quickie in your backyard. Maybe even at someone else’s house!

Make a Reservation at the Fanciest Restaurant in Town

Go all out and make reservations at the most upscale restaurant you can find. The kind where they set your dessert on fire and ask you to approve of the wine before you order a bottle.

If you don’t usually dress up for dates, go for it occasionally. You’ll have a reason to knock your look out of the park. Eat like royalty for one night and feel fabulous, darling.

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