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18 Challenges for Couples to Have Fun at Home

Want to bring back some fun and energy into your relationship? It would be best if you tried some couples’ challenges. This guide will give you many ideas for developing your relationship and feeding your competitive spirit.

These challenges will get some playful rivalry going in your romantic relationship. This is meant to be fun and not to embarrass or humiliate your partner. Relationships are built on cooperation. So why do challenges?

The overall purpose of these challenges is to build your relationship. Some challenges are competitive, while others push you to reach a goal together. But most importantly, it is fun!

These challenges are all meant to bring you closer together. You get to know your partner better when you step out of the box and do something different.

Have fun and loosen up. May the best man or woman win!

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Pocket Change Challenge

This fun challenge will help you save up some money. Choose a dollar amount for each of you to carry around for the week, say twenty dollars. This cash is used instead of a credit or debit card for small purchases.

No cheating; this is on the honor system! Getting coffee, a snack, or any small fun purchase must come from this cash. Whoever has the most money left over wins?

Pull your cash together at the end of the week, and the winner chooses a place to eat together. The more cash you have, the nicer your date will be at the end of the week!

Financial Goal Challenge

Set a financial goal to achieve as a couple. This could be as simple as saving money for a nice date or paying off a credit card. Do you have an untapped talent or a hobby that could make money? Do a side gig in your spare time to raise some cash.

Think of ways to cut your cable bill, save on gas, and reduce debt. This kind of goal can take a while. Make milestones along the way to celebrate your success.

Workout Challenge

Get your healthy move on with this energetic challenge. Set a time like two weeks where you and your partner will challenge each other to your favorite workouts. This could get comical for people who are trying something brand new.

Stretch your flexibility on yoga day. Hang in there with those dumbbells and hand weights on weight training day. Punch out your stress on kickboxing day. Join a half marathon or a 5k run together.

New to some of these workouts? Relish the chance to learn a unique exercise style and see if you can find a new favorite. Enjoy the fun of working up a sweat with your partner, too.

Dress Each Other Challenge

Use this challenge on date night to spice up your looks. Each partner picks out the clothes, accessories, and makeup for the other person. Yep, all the way to socks and shoes.

Nobody buys anything new. The choices are all made from the person’s existing wardrobe. It might surprise you the combinations your partner picks out.

An unusual shirt, a pair of rarely worn high heels, and maybe even a hat could appear. But if you’re feeling cheeky, you could each choose a more unusual look for your partner. The goal is to make your partner look great.

Shop for Me Challenge

Set aside a specific dollar amount that works with your budget. Shop for your partner and create a date night look you’d love to see them wear.

You can shop for an entire set of clothing and shoes. Or it can be as small as a new shirt or accessory. Keep the receipts if you’re off the size or a color choice.

Do whatever works for your budget, but ensure you get the other person something to wear. You want your choice to bring out the best in them. That’s a win-win for both of you.

Surprise Date Challenge

This challenge should spark your creativity. Choose a day in the next few weeks for a surprise date. Tell your partner when your date will be so they can be available. But don’t tell them anything else about it.

Tell your partner about unique clothing or not eating ahead of time if needed. But keep it as secretive as possible.

Your data can be simple and cheap. The fun is creating a surprise, so your partner has some fun figuring it out. And each partner gets to design their surprise date. Make a new tradition and do a surprise date challenge once a month.

Stoneface Challenge

This challenge is all about stamina. How long can you hang onto your stoneface expression? Can you outlast your partner? Will your face burst in the meantime?

Play one of your favorite funny movies or some YouTube videos. Whatever you choose doesn’t matter as long as you and your partner will likely laugh. Do this challenge together and see who cracks first.

Try a single-person endurance match where you time how long they can go without laughing. Make this the endurance prize, and observe for smiles or stifled laughs.

Laughing is contagious. You might both lose this one!

Guess What I’m Eating Challenge

Do this challenge at the kitchen counter or outdoors, where you can make a mess. One partner puts on a blindfold and can’t use their hands. They have to describe whatever food they eat without using the actual name of the food. The other partner gives them the food and records which ones they get correct.

Do this entire exercise with a short time limit and see how many they get correct. Trade places so you each go through it. Whoever gets the most right while following all the rules wins. This time, your prize could be a favorite dessert or snack without the blindfold.

20 Questions Challenge

This classic game is fun for couples. Whether you have been newly dating or married for 20 years doesn’t matter. If you ask the right questions, you can learn things you never knew about your partner.

Get creative. Don’t humiliate your partner, but do ask some out-of-the-box questions. Make the questions romantic, curious, or daring. Ask about their childhood, something to do with work you don’t know about, or what they daydream about.

This is a great trust exercise as you learn more about each other. Make the wager about a cooperative win, not so much competition.

How Well Do You Know Me Challenge

This is the reverse of the 20 questions game. You get to ask your partner questions. This time, they have to answer what they know about you. The pressure is on! Start with a few easy ones, then make them more challenging.

Have prizes for how many questions they get right. Give points or mini-prizes for every single question they answer correctly. A

Also, have a more significant overall award based on how many total questions they get right. For example, getting ten questions right is a smaller prize, getting fifteen is a bigger one, and so on.

Video Game Night Challenge

Have yourself a good old-fashioned video game battle. This is fun, whether you are good at video games or not. It might be even more fun if you’re terrible at them.

Set aside one evening for this challenge and choose a few games you like or want to try. Make a goal for having the most points or getting to the highest level.

Build in mini-challenges along the way to keep the competition going. Have the winner of the next round get up and refresh the snacks.

Make the point total winner in the next five minutes and get more drinks. No matter how you play it, having more fun together is the goal.

Finish the Lyrics Challenge

You know all those lyrics you’ve kept in your head since middle school? Now is the time to whip them out and win this challenge. Write a list of a few songs you’d both know. Then pick a few lines of lyrics to read out loud.

Figure out where to put a cliffhanger so your date has to fill in the blanks. If you know your date is good at this, pick more obscure songs or lyrics that aren’t in the chorus.

7-Day Love Challenge

Put your rose-colored glasses on for this one, and get cute. For this challenge, both partners think of romantic, generous, and sweet actions to do for each other.

Do the other person’s chores, make their favorite dessert, or write love notes. You’re only limited by your imagination and the period of seven days.

It doesn’t have to be super competitive, but trying to one-up each other can add a level of fun. Some couples like to make contests out of nearly anything. So if that’s you, go for it.

Otherwise, enjoy being generous and loving to each other. Appreciate your partner’s sweet surprises every day for a week.

Lip-Reading Challenge

If you’ve seen funny lousy lip-reading videos, you know how hilarious the results can be. Have your partner use earplugs or wear thick headphones. Choose a short sentence and say it out loud to your partner.

Make sure the sound is muffled or nearly silenced. Be sure they can see your mouth moving as you speak.

Chances are your partner won’t know what you’ve said, and you must repeat yourself. Get ready for some laughs as the guessing begins, then trade off when your partner finishes their turn.

Scavenger Hunt Challenges for Couples

Go on the hunt for fun with your partner. Agree on the number of items you need to find, like 20 or 25. Then each of you will write a list for the other person. This will take a little time to set up, but the payoff is a memorable moment for both of you.

Go all-out silly or weird on this one. Think of specific items in the bathroom, tools in the garage, something from the yard, or even an item from someone else’s house. Swap lists and start searching.

Watching each other dig through the house for weird objects will keep you in stitches the whole time.

Staring Contest Challenge for Couples

The eyes are the window to the soul, but how long can you look at them? Loving gazes into your partner’s eyes can feel weird and awkward after a while. That’s where the fun comes in!

Who can hold out longer without flinching? Make it even more challenging, and don’t allow blinking, either. Whoever wins the challenge gets bragging rights and, hopefully, some eye drops.

Bad Poetry Challenge for a Couple

Do you haiku? How are your rhyming skills? No need to be an English major here. That makes for a better challenge. Set the timer for just a few minutes. Then each of you has to write a few short, silly poems. You can pick a topic or make it the poet’s choice.

Check the rules for haiku and think funny. Skip the rhyming if you aren’t feeling it. Also, try your hand at four-line stanzas, like “roses are red, violets are blue.” That could make your poems even funnier.

When the timer is up, read each other’s silly poems out loud and vote on the best one.

Fun Couple Challenge Ideas

Now it’s up to you. If you need ideas to add fun to your couple of times, you have a good start. Where will you take it from here? Put your competitive spirit to the test and get creative.

Whether you are a newly dating couple or celebrating your 25th anniversary, fun time helps you bond as a couple. Which one of these ideas will you add to your calendar today?

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