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22 Exciting Bet Ideas for Couples

Bet Ideas for Couples! Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

Are you looking for fun punishment ideas to wager for losing a challenge with your sweetheart? Let’s place a bet!

This guide will give you many cute and fun ways to break a tie with your sweetheart.

We will use “date” to refer to any significant other, like your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even a first date.

These suggestions are the seed of an idea; the rest is up to you. Use these activities to strengthen your relationship and help you get to know your date much deeper.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Let’s cash in the quarter jar

Make a conscious effort to throw quarters in the piggy bank. It’s a great way to save loose change.

Now, who gets to raid the quarter jar? You do! That is one of the bet ideas for couples.

As the winner, you get some money back into your wallet for the day or week. Swap your change for dollar bills at the bank to make life easier.

2. Who makes dinner tonight?

Bet Ideas for Couples

Get out the cookbook and online recipes. The winner of this bet gets to sit back and relax while the loser plans and cooks all meals for the day or week. Spice it up by trying dishes new to you or your date.

As the winner, you’ll enjoy your favorite foods made by your date. Pique interest by suggesting a quirky or unusual food item.

3. Wear a team jersey/cap for a day

The bet loser wears their date’s favorite team jersey or caps around town for a day. This gets even more interesting if your favorite teams are rivals!

Not really into sports? No problem. The winner gets their favorite t-shirt from an activity or club they belong to.

Here are more of the bet ideas for couples…

4. Sit back, and relax your shoulders or feet for a massage

Bet Ideas for Couples

At the end of a long day, a gentle shoulder massage or foot rub is just what you need

If you lose the bet, warm up your magic hands and help your date relax. Add quiet music and dim the lights for a calming effect.

Don’t forget to make your date feel great too. They won the bet, after all.

5. Chauffeur service for a day

Ah, errand day. Your date, who just lost the bet, has the pleasure of driving you around town as you take care of your to-do list.

And what do you get to do? You sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. You could get some coffee. Let them handle traffic, and you take over the Aux cord in the car. Be the DJ and entertain.

6. Go to a local sporting event of your choice

The winner chooses everything, and the bet loser becomes the fan for a day.

This is fun, even if both of you aren’t very much into sports. Figure out the rules, say “Hi,” to the mascot, and cheer for the home team.

7. Get a cheap, funny gift to make them laugh

Funny Gift to Make Them Laugh Bet Idea

They say laughter is the best medicine. The bet loser buys or makes a funny gift or a goofy little prize for their date.

Dig into your date’s sense of humor. Think of a joke they’ve made, their hobbies, or other ideas to tickle their funny bone. Be creative here.

8. Choose the vacation destination

Couples often disagree on where to take the next vacation. The winner gets to settle this argument by getting the first pick of the destination.

So will you choose a favorite place you’ve been to before or try somewhere new?

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9. Donate something to charity

Regardless of the winner, the outcome of this bet is an act of generosity.

The couple chooses an amount of money to donate, either jointly or separately. The winner can choose the charity or a cause their money goes to.

It can be clothed too. Donate clothes and shoes you no longer wear.

10. Remote control

Remote Control Bet Idea

The winner has the remote control all night! Yeah!

Put the remote control up for grabs for a night or even up to a week. Romantic comedies, reality TV, and sporting events are on the table.

Could you or your date find a new favorite show to binge-watch together? Let’s find out! Stay curious and open-minded. Allow yourself to have fun every step of the way. Make it a bonding process.

11. Make breakfast

When you’re not a morning person, making breakfast can take forever. Winning this bet means you’re off the hook for a little while.

Have your date make or bring you breakfast in bed for a few days. Sleep in a few more minutes.

12. Splurge on dessert

The loser of the bet buys or makes the winner some delicious dessert. The winner can make the presentation part of the fun with fancy table decorations, a little candlelight, and music.

Ask for what you would like to have. Anything is possible. Keep dreaming big. Get lost in the fantasy of it all.

13. Mystery date

Mystery Date Bet Idea

The winner gets to go on a mystery date, and they have no say in the destination. The loser plans and leads the date from beginning to end.

Creativity and adventure can make this date a memorable experience.

14. Swap hobbies

The winner teaches their date one of their favorite hobbies. No judging; you never know, you might discover something new and exciting. Besides, having shared hobbies that you can do together can make your relationship stronger.

Your date may also surprise you with the things they know. Having shared hobbies that you can to

15. Attend a live event together

You and your date each choose a live event you’d love to attend. The winner gets the first choice, and both of you go together.

Even if the bet loser doesn’t like the event choice, it’s an opportunity for laughs and making sweet memories that will last a lifetime.

16. Sing karaoke

Sing Karaoke Bet Idea

The winner will enjoy a fabulous night of karaoke starring their date.

Yup, you heard that right. Double the fun, select your all-time favorite playlist, and get up there. The loser of the bet gets to choose a good karaoke tune and have a fantastic time.

Dance all night, loosen up, and have fun.

17. Make their favorite beverage

What can I offer you?

The winner will enjoy a unique favorite beverage, either made or bought by the loser of the bet. Crack out a drink recipe book for fun, and don’t forget about non-alcoholic options.

18. Workout of choice

Ever done yoga, spinning, or maybe kickboxing?

If you lose the bet, your date will teach you how to do your workout of choice. Embrace the student role and let your date lead the way. Enjoy every moment.

19. You pick the movie on movie night

Winner Picks Movie Bet Idea

Do you feel you spend as much time choosing the movie as you watch it? If you win the bet, the choice is all yours.

That rom-com or war movie is first on the list tonight. Or maybe it’s a chick-flick type of night.

20. Do the coffee run

Whoever loses the bet is the coffee runner for the day. If you lost the bet, make it special by adding a surprise to the order. Ask about your date’s favorite drink. Ask the barista what they’d recommend.

21. Pick the restaurant

This bet is a simple but fun way to solve the age-old disagreement; where will we eat? The winner has their choice of restaurants with no protests allowed from their partner.

As the winner, be adventurous and try a brand new restaurant instead of the same place you always go to.

22. Get or make a meal-to-go

Make a meal-to-go for your date. Grab a quick bite from a food truck or carry-out restaurant. Schedule an impromptu lunch date.

Even if you lose the bet, you win a fantastic time together.

Fun Bet Ideas for Couples – Where Do You Take Them?

It’s true – couples who laugh together stay together.

The wagers described above are all done for fun. They’re not meant to humiliate or trash anyone. Every idea here is intended to be a fun and positive experience. So breathe and stay open-minded.

Many of these bet ideas are better suited to long-term couples, the couple who know some things about each other, especially those that live together.

Getting your competitive streak going can add a spark to any ordinary activity. Explore and observe. Just set a financial goal.

Imagine life with your spouse as you’d dream for it to be. Each idea can be expanded or turned into a manifestation. This is also fun for couples starting to get to know each other.

Keep in mind being the loser of the bet is not a loss. Trust the process and dream big. It’s fun.

Both are winners by focusing on fun and big goals (don’t forget your hard-earned pennies). This draws you both together. Look at the bigger picture. Observe everything; ask yourself, where could I improve my relationship?

Now you know some cute and funny ways to break a tie or end a silly argument. Let your creativity lead the way. And your curiosity, too. What other bets will you both try? Add to the list by commenting below on more fun bet ideas for couples.

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  1. According to research from the University of Southampton, couples feel closer when they share nostalgic memories which is exactly why you should head to an old-school arcade for your next date night. Team up against another couple for a few rounds of air hockey or go head-to-head with your partner for classic games like Skee-ball, Pac-Man, or one of those racing simulators. And to take your healthy competition to the next level, make a bet, like say, whoever gets the most tickets doesn’t have to cook for the next week.

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