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30 Gift Ideas that Say “I Love You.”

It’s always a great idea to have some gift ideas in mind for your significant other. Giving a gift is a great way to surprise your partner and remind them how much you care

How do you find the perfect gift for the perfect person? It’s all about what you want to say and how you want to say it. This roundup of gift ideas will help you come up with the perfect present, no matter the occasion. 

Classic Romantic Gifts for Her

Are you looking for a perfect romantic gift for your wife or girlfriend? Sometimes, you need to have an all-purpose gift that’ll make her smile. These gifts will make for a great choice. 

A Dozen Roses

The easiest way to make sure that your romantic intentions are known is to gift a woman flowers. Honestly, any flower bouquet will be welcome, especially if you know her favorite flowers. 

However, roses are a classic go-to because they tend to be associated with love and romance. In the 1800s, you could tell what the person thought about you through rose color. Red roses were for true, passionate love. White roses were for purity and innocent love. Meanwhile, pink was for admirers. 

A Box of Chocolates

A box of chocolates (or similar yummy treats) is another classic that people can rely on to help add romance to their lives. We’d suggest chocolates from a big name like Lindt or Godiva, but any pretty chocolate box will do. 

If you choose to buy this batch, it’s important to remember that you might want to skip it if she’s on a diet.

Earrings and a Necklace

Jewelry sets are classic, and it doesn’t have to include diamonds for a girl to appreciate them. The great part about gifting jewelry is that you don’t have to worry about knowing her dress size. After all, earrings never need a size up. Neither does a necklace.

Cleaning Services

It may not appear to be a very romantic gift, but hear it out. If you live together and your partner does most of the cleaning in your home, she’s probably tired. And you know what? You can show her that you love her by having someone else do those chores for her. 

Women are often tired after caring for kids and doing all the rest of the chores that need to be done. This is one of the best gifts for her sanity and stress levels—especially if she’s a working mom.

Romantic Unisex Gift Ideas

If your partner is a demiboy, demigirl, nonbinary individual, or just genderfluid, it’s best to stick to something that isn’t too gendered. Of course, anyone can enjoy these awesome date gift ideas. 

A Bottle of Champagne

Unless your partner doesn’t drink, there is nothing wrong with going for the time-tested tradition of getting a bottle of French Champagne for a special night out. Most people prefer a glass of dry champagne, but if your boo has a sweet tooth, there’s nothing wrong with a sparkling Moscato. 

A Mixtape

Yes, the days of the cassette are no longer around us, but that does not mean that the age-old tradition of the mixtape is dead. Quite the opposite! One of the most affordable gifts you can make is a Spotify playlist your partner can listen to when feeling down. (Might we suggest some 80s rock?) 

A Box Of Handwritten “Open When” Envelopes

This is a fantastic idea for a partner who often wants to feel close to you when you’re not around. Take time out of your day to write love letters geared towards a certain point in their life or a particular emotion. Then, place each letter in an envelope with instructions on when they should open it. 

If you are very sick or are going to be dealing with a lot of long-distance time apart, this can be one of the most thoughtful ways to keep you together. 

Classic Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

Guys are often said to be uninterested in romance or gifts or wooing. That’s a myth. Guys love a little romance too. These picks below can be a good choice. 

A Wine Tasting Flight

We may have gone over sparkling wine, but let’s be honest. Wines of all types can be pretty romantic, especially if your guy likes touring the gourmet scene. We suggest getting a wine flight gift set, complete with glasses. It makes things extra special. 

You can get a complete kit with accessories and paired cheeses from certain companies. Take a look around to find the right one for your boo. 

A Beer Tasting Trip

Almost every major city has at least one craft brewery, and you know what that means? That means that you and your partner can indulge in the luxurious experience of walking through an upscale brewery, then trying a flight of their freshly-made brews. 

We strongly suggest doing this in a brewery with a gastropub nearby. You get food and drink on a night out, rather than a simple beer flight without any snacks. Most breweries do have a kitchen, so call ahead if you’re unsure of food options. 

Nice Cologne

Let’s be honest. Most men will never say this, but they do like feeling pampered and well-groomed. A good cologne can do wonders for the right guy, especially if he is the type to enjoy the finer things in life. 

If he has a go-to cologne he uses, that’s generally the easiest and safest pick. However, if you have a nose for good cologne and a critical eye for male designers, it’s okay to venture out and try another. 

A Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are always a timeless way to tell a man that you love him. Whether it’s a Cartier or a Rolex doesn’t matter. If you have a keen eye for style and a lot of cash, this is one gift that will make him flip. Besides, it’s an excellent pick for people who want a stylish addition to their work wardrobe. 

This is a major investment piece. If you do not have the money for a high-end watch, it’s okay. Most people would consider this to be a wedding anniversary present. 

His Favorite Food, Cooked by You

Society often says, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Anatomically, that’s not correct. However, when it comes to romance, few things will be as well-liked as a hot meal cooked with tons of love. 

If you don’t usually cook, ask him what his favorite food is. As long as you follow the right recipe and get fresh ingredients, it’ll be the perfect surprise gift. 

Couple Romance Gift Ideas

Let’s say that you want to gift yourself something nice, but you also want to gift yourself something nice, too. That’s where “couples’ romance gift ideas” tend to be the smart move. 

Tickets to a Major Concert

Everyone has that one band they’ve always wanted to see but never had the opportunity. Whether it’s a DJ like Diplo or a popular band like Styx doesn’t matter. What does matter is that there is a good chance that they are probably still touring today. 

If you want to make their day, check out the local venues currently holding concerts. Or, go more specific and look up that one band to see if they’re on tour. Considering how many venues were shuttered for years, we’re willing to bet that plenty of artists is going on tour.

Spa Day for Two

In a world where stress seems to be the status quo for everyone, one of the most loving gifts you can give is a little time apart from the world’s craziness. That’s why booking a trip to a day spa for twin massages is always a good choice for romance and relaxation. 

If you don’t have the income for a spa getaway, don’t panic! You can DIY your spa holiday for two at home. All you need is massage lotion, scented candles, and a few bath salts. 

His and Hers Towels

Sure, this is a gift idea that tends to be more retro than modern, but let’s be honest. Romantic gift ideas from years long ago still are popular for a reason. They tend to be classy, elegant, and thoughtful. More importantly, they tend to be useful in this day and age, too. 

There’s something to be said about being able to grab the towel that belongs to you with your pronoun on it. That’s why it’s good to know that vendors offer custom pronoun sets, too!

Date Night Kits

If there is one thing that is amazing about living in today’s modern age, you always have tons of cool kits that you can buy. These also tend to be great romantic gifts for him and her alike. (Or them, if that’s the pronoun they prefer.) 

Date night kits are exactly what you might expect them to be. They are kits that come with all the cool stuff you need for a date night. Some are meal kits meant to be cooked between the two of you. Others might involve a cool puzzle. Even more, have an art night. 

A Beer Brewing Kit/Winemaking Kit

There is something incredibly romantic about being able to make something with your partner. While we often talk about how cooking can be romantic, have you ever considered making something that is drinkable? 

More than ever before, people are starting to get curious about what it takes to make a rich drink of their own. Brewmeisters caught on and are now selling kits with everything you need to make a couple of gallons of your favorite wine, beer, or champagne.

Personalized Romantic Gift Ideas

Many people tend to avoid gifting because it tends to be a “one size fits all” matter when you’re shopping. It doesn’t have to be this way. Personalized gift ideas are a great move, too. These are the most common ones you might want to try. 

A Personalized Bracelet

Virtually any jeweler worth their salt will be able to help you engrave your partner’s name onto a bracelet. Jewelry doesn’t have to be a serious purchase. Even stainless steel bracelets or beaded bracelets can have something beautiful engraved into them. 

What you engrave on the bracelet is totally up to you. You can make it an anniversary gift, a simple “I love you,” or add your partner’s name to it.

A Framed Picture of Where You Met

Several services will send aesthetically pleasing maps of the city or street you both met in. They will often have anniversary dates and names included as part of the artwork customization. 

Of course, if you’re not a cartography fan, you can always get a framed photo of the place you met. Or get additional photos of your wedding. 

A Book About Your Love

Tons of publishers sell guided journals that let you fill in all the romantic details of your time together. They’re a great project to work on together, but they also can be done solo and then given to your partner as a special anniversary gift. 

How you do these books up is entirely up to you. However, we’re pretty sure that your partner will love to have a keepsake for the entirety of your relationship. 

A Custom Quilt

Are you a fan of handiwork? A handcrafted quilt is considered a traditional baby shower present and a traditional wedding present in many parts of the world. To make this a romantic gift appropriate for an anniversary, make sure to add the names and wedding dates.

Custom-stitched quilts (or any type of bedding) can make for an excellent family heirloom. Hand-stitching is generally considered ideal, though you can also order one from a skilled artisan. 

A Custom Cutting Board

Fans of rustic design and woodworking might not find a quilt the best choice. If you’re looking for something more solidly built, you might want something wooden. A custom cutting board can have your, and your partners’ names etched. 

In some cases, the cutting board can also have additional design features, including a knife holder or a special area for finished cuts. It all depends on the artisan you get it from.

A Relationship Scrapbook

Are you looking for a way to carry your photos together? Perhaps it may be time to create a relationship scrapbook. This photo book will be dedicated to your major relationship milestones (wedding aside—that’s a whole ‘nother book!). 

You can include photos of your first date out, your first major party together, your “Instagram official” shots, etc. From there, you can use cool stickers and materials to decorate it.

Personalized Couples’ Portrait

If you want one of the best romantic gifts on the net, it’s easy. Snap a photo of the two of you, then go online to a site like Etsy, Amazon, or even online artist forums. Then, offer some money to an artist who can paint, draw, or print a custom portrait of the two of you.

The best part of this is hanging it up for all to see. It’ll be family memorabilia for years to come. 

Hot N’ Heavy Romantic Gifts

For most of us, one of the key defining features of a romantic relationship is the physical activity that you get to experience with your partner. These gifts below are sexy without being too tawdry. 


It doesn’t matter whether the lingerie is for you or your partner. The intention is there, and it’s obvious what that message is. Nothing quite gets a person going like seeing their partner dressed in something sexy, giving them that look. 

Of course, there’s also a little fun in actually going lingerie shopping together. If that isn’t a fantastic date idea, we don’t know what is!

A Massage Oil Candle

By day, it’s a nice scented candle that looks nondescript. When you light it, the scent fills the room at night, and the “wax” turns into massage oil that’s already heated. Needless to say, it’s a good candle to have if you’re the type of couple that appreciates rubbing one another. 

Of course, just buying a scented candle can be romantic enough. Everyone loves a candlelit dinner or a candlelit bath night. A word of advice: don’t choose a candle with an overpowering scent. It’s better to go for a lighter fragrance if you’re in doubt.

Books About Sex

Sometimes, things can get a little lackluster in the bedroom department—even if you’re passionate about each other. Getting a little bit of literature on the matter can be very helpful. If you haven’t already, give The Kama Sutra a try. 

It’s a surprisingly quick and easy read, not to mention one of the most inventive guides on positions known to man. If you’ve wanted to learn more about having romance with your partner, this can help. Of course, there are now LGBTQIA+-friendly versions you can select, too. 

Romantic Gifts For The Partner Who Has Everything

Whether you’re looking for the best gift for her or the perfect gift idea for him, we have many luxury ideas that will be sure to please.

A Ticket to a Cruise 

If you live on the coast, the chances are high that you have a major dock area near you. A romantic trip on the high seas is always a smart way to make things special. It’s a great anniversary gift and can work as a birthday gift in a pinch. 

Of course, if you’re pressed for time, dinner cruises are also a thing to consider. They only take one night, and they will make sure you’re both feeling the love in the air.

A Ring

Rings definitely are romantic, and if you’re thinking about popping the question, there’s no better time to do it than when you’re already planning a special time away together. If you want your partner to squeal with joy, then proposing is the best gift they could get.

However, if you’re already married, a ring can still be a good gift. Anniversary ring gifts are growing in popularity, as are collectible rings. We suggest thinking about the connotations before you gift this if you are not married.

A Travel Map

If you’re the type of couple who have passports with tons of stamps on them, it might be time to get that jet-setting experience down on paper in more ways than one. A frame-worthy travel map is a great way to do this. 

All you need to do is order a map of the world (or the United States, if you stay local) that is framable yet can be altered with push pins. Every time you and your partner take a trip somewhere, add a pin to the map. 

Still Having A Hard Time Finding Great Gift Ideas?

Rather than searching for romantic gifts for her or the perfect gift idea for him, you might need to consult your partner. More often than not, they will be able to give you the best idea that you could get for them. Besides, communication is always key!

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