How Depression Affects Marriage

depressed person at window

Marriage takes work and commitment, especially during the more difficult times. Many challenges can impact marriage, and mental health is undoubtedly one of them. Poor mental health, especially depression, can take a toll on a …

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How to Survive After Breakup

break up of a couple

The best way to overcome the breakup The period after a break-up is traumatizing and tear-jerking. Forgetting everything you shared and moving on isn’t child’s play. But then, breaking up is not the end of …

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Friends with Benefits

Meaning of FWB Friends with Benefits share moments and help each other with no strings attached. It is a perfect relationship for people who are not ready or have no desire to commit. They can …

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Importance of Emotional Intimacy in Relationship

Couple emotionally close and happy

Emotional intimacy plays one of the biggest roles in relationships. It is essential to creating a strong bond between partners. This type of closeness allows the exchange of support and vulnerability. When two people are …

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Marriage and a Special Needs Child

Building a strong marriage and maintaining it is a struggle for the everyday couple. Divorce rates are around fifty percent for typical couples. For couples who have a special needs child, those rates jump to …

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Ways Marriage Changes After Children

Every married couple with kids knows that having children is a thankless job. It can be incredibly challenging and rewarding to raise children together, but most couples don’t realize that marriage changes after children. Some …

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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Marriage

It may please you to know that there are health benefits of marriage. This is not to say that you should run out and get married solely for such perks, but it’s something to consider! …

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Tips for Learning to Forgive

Forgiveness is a virtue, but it doesn’t always come easily. It can be devastating when you experience hurt or betrayal in your life or marriage. Whether you find out you’ve been lied to or that …

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