How Depression Affects Marriage

depressed person at window

Marriage takes work and commitment, especially during the more difficult times. Many challenges can impact marriage, and mental health is undoubtedly one of them. Poor mental health, especially depression, can take a toll on a …

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Life After Divorce

Is there a life after divorce? Absolutely! Your emotions might give you a wrong feeling that your life stopped. Nevertheless, your life might just begin. Accepting the truth of your marriage’s end may take time, …

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Why do Men Cheat?

Both men and women cheat, although for different reasons. And they often provide a variety of reasons for their actions. However, there’s a prevalent assumption that men have a natural propensity for infidelity. Men make …

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Attachment Styles in Relationship

Attachment styles are a way of classifying how people react to certain situations. An individual’s attachment style is the result of their early interactions with their primary caregivers and influences how they see themselves in …

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Financial Problems in Marriage

Financial problems may not be the worst thing, but they can have a terrible effect on a marriage. If you’re married with children—and already frustrated by your partner to the point of divorcing—financial difficulties may …

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Relationship With a Drug Addict

Annoyed Couple Fighting

In the face of addiction, it’s easy to feel powerless. Yet, if you can find ways to stay in a healthy intimate relationship with a drug addict, you’ll discover that your life is full of …

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Recovery After an Affair

Wife Reconsidering Divorce

Affair is not as rare as it seems. One out of every three marriages ends in divorce after an adulterous experience comes to light. Most people tend to distinguish an emotional affair from a sexual …

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Middle Life Crisis Affair

Middle-life affairs are causing major problems in marriage, particularly regarding the negative impact on self-esteem. In this piece, you’ll get a review of the causes of middle life affairs and the solutions that exist that …

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Forgiveness is Necessary For Any Relationship

Did you know that forgiveness is a key component of a healthy relationship? Most romantic relationships collapse after one individual offends the other. Although romantic partners want to establish a life full of happiness, as …

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