How To Make Relationship Last

The question of how to make a relationship last is not easy. It takes the following to make it work: But it is definitely worth it. There are several things we will discuss here that …

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What Makes a Good Husband?

What makes a good husband

 Wrong partner selection is among the leading reasons for divorces and failed marriages today. This begs the question, what makes a good husband?  The article will act as a guide to help women to set …

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Games to Play Over Texts for a Couple

Keeping in touch is important, but not everyone enjoys talking on the phone. Anyone in a long-distance relationship can attest to how convenient texting can be. However, it may get tedious after a while. If …

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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most romantic day of the year, and it is a day to celebrate love. Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing gratitude to their loved ones. Valentine’s is one of …

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Does He Love Me?

Nostalgic Photo of Couple on Date

Genuine love includes four fundamental components: care, obligation, regard, and information. These words were said by Eric Fromm, a great therapist, psychoanalyst, social scientist, and humanistic scholar. It’s natural to question whether or not your …

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15 Best Romantic Comedies for Date Night

There is something innately awesome about a romantic comedy night with your partner. After all, that’s why romantic comedies on Netflix and Hulu remain popular year after year. Maybe it’s the “feel good” emotions they …

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15 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

You want to go on a date with your significant other or crush, but payday is a week, or two, away, and everything seems so expensive when researching date night ideas for a budget-friendly date. …

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Marriage Problems and How to Fix Them

marriage problems

All couples eventually face marital problems, and knowing how to handle them is crucial for sticking together for the long haul. With that in mind, we’ve rounded 3 top marriage problems and 24 most common …

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