15 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

Marriage is one of the most cherished establishments in the world. To have someone to hold onto, love, and be by your side is a life-changing experience that many of us want. You long for …

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Games to Play Over Texts for a Couple

Keeping in touch is important, but not everyone enjoys talking on the phone. Anyone in a long-distance relationship can attest to how convenient texting can be. However, it may get tedious after a while. If …

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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most romantic day of the year, and it is a day to celebrate love. Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing gratitude to their loved ones. Valentine’s is one of …

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Fear of Commitment in a Relationship

partners having fear of commitment

Why do some people fear commitment in a relationship? Let’s start by describing what commitment is. It means being devoted to someone with somehow limited freedom. That is why to make a commitment, some people …

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Sex In Marriage

Sex in marriage matters so much. It can often be the main difference between a happy and sad marriage. On the surface, it’s easy to see that sex could be good for people in relationships. …

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How to Write a Love Letter

Things indeed change the more they stay the same. Before technology, men used two special tools to woo women. They either composed affection letters or poems. Today, while poems aren’t as popular as they used …

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Importance of Emotional Intimacy in Relationship

Couple emotionally close and happy

Emotional intimacy plays one of the biggest roles in relationships. It is essential to creating a strong bond between partners. This type of closeness allows the exchange of support and vulnerability. When two people are …

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How to Save Marriage After Infidelity

break up of a couple

Infidelity is one of the leading causes of breakup in married couples. Both men and women cheat. Such behavior triggers a painful and emotional period in marriage. If both partners agree to save the marriage …

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Tips for Married Couple Fitness

Have you ever noticed that you feel more physically attracted to and sexually interested in each other after a hard workout or a hike together? Working out together creates a sense of synchronicity and cooperative …

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