9 Ways to Build Trust in Your Marriage

Many relationships deal with concerns about trust, whether it’s as simple as not meaning what is being said or something larger like infidelity. With the resources at our fingertips, we can happily provide information on …

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Spiritual Connection With a Soulmate


Spiritual connection with a soulmate is one of life’s most mysterious and sought-after moments. Making a deep connection with someone you love and trust is an electrifying one that can bind together two people for …

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How to Have a Happy Life After the Divorce

How to have a happy life after divorce

Is there a life after divorce? Absolutely! Your emotions might give you a wrong feeling that your life stopped. Nevertheless, your life might begin. Accepting the truth of your marriage’s end may take time, regardless …

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How to Handle Mind Games in Relationships

Mind games

Mind games affect the other party and not in a positive way. On the contrary, one can feel confused, upset, and lost. For example, being passive-aggressive or playing hard to get is part of mind …

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What Makes a Good Husband?

What makes a good husband

 Wrong partner selection is among the leading reasons for divorces and failed marriages today. This begs the question, what makes a good husband?  The article will act as a guide to help women to set …

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Is It Okay to Be Friends with Your Ex?

Friends with Ex

Yes! It is entirely okay to be friends with your ex if you are not sexually attracted, have no bad feelings, and over him or her. Also, you are ready to move on and see …

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