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Let’s face it…love is never easy. But, what if it could be simplified, even just a little?

At Defeating Divorce, we’re passionate about helping couples of all ages, backgrounds, and stages of their relationship. We offer free guidance on a myriad of complex and common relationship issues faced by real life couples every day.

We recognize that not everyone has access to or can afford a Marriage Counselor, Marriage And Family Therapist (MFT), or other qualified professionals. Additionally, we also understand that many people are not able to or willing to turn to family and friends for advice that requires airing out their relationship or significant other’s dirty laundry.

Fortunately, this is where we come in. You see, we pride ourselves on bridging the gap between those who are struggling in their relationship and professionals who are serious about helping them!

Who We Are

At Defeating Divorce, we enlist the help of only true professionals to ensure our readers are always given the best possible advice that is not only practical but actionable as well.

Our writers possess years of real world licensed counseling experience, degrees in a variety of counseling and psychology related fields (think MFTs, LCSW, etc.) , and an innate interest to help enrich and fortify the romantic relationships of others. On top of this? They’re also skilled writers who are able to communicate just as effectively on page as they are off.

When you’re reading an article by a Defeating Divorce writer, you can trust that you’re being guided by someone who is not only qualified, but also compassionate and sympathetic to whatever you or your partner are going through.

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