About Defeating Divorce

Defeatingdivorce.com is run by us,  John and Emily, a real-life married couple, who was able to repair their marriage after a bout of infidelity and as such, have now made it our personal mission to help other couples overcome obstacles and thrive in their relationships. We we’re able to come out on the other side through much counseling, persistence, and research as well. DefeatingDivorce.com is where we share what we’ve learned with you.

It is our hope that in creating this website we are able to reflect on what worked for us and in turn offer it as guidance to those who are currently struggling in their own marriage and stop divorce.

Our focus is on educating and helping couples establish a healthy, strong, and fulfilling relationship. Whether married, engaged, or dating, we provide couples of all relationship stages with the advice, tips, tricks, and strategies they need to not only stay happy, but navigate and survive common relationship obstacles, such as infidelity, losing the spark, etc.