Married BUT in Love With Someone Else

Married But In Love With Someone Else

What to do when married and in love with someone else? You never meant for it to happen, nor did you think you would ever develop romantic feelings for someone other than your spouse. But …

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5 Tips to End the Toxic Relationship

5 Tips to End a Toxic Relationship Today, around 39 percent of relationships end in divorce. Divorce is often the best course of action regarding toxic relationships. Once you are in a toxic marriage or …

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Crazy Wife, What do I do?

How to Deal With a Crazy Wife

Most people occasionally experience mood swings or get emotional over seemingly minor issues. But lately, you’ve thought, “My wife is crazy!” Erratic and unsettling behavior can occur for several reasons, but your wife may be experiencing …

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13 Tips on How to Make Him Commit

How to Get Him to Commit

Whether you just started dating or found the one and want him to propose – taking your relationship to the next level is a huge step. Perhaps you’re uncomfortable asking your man to be exclusive, move …

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24 Fresh Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

How to Spice Up Your Marriage

Whether you have been married for three years or thirty years, you might wonder how you can add a little spice to your marriage. Perhaps at first, your relationship with your partner was electric – …

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