20 Signs He Loves You or Lusts You

Signs He Loves You

What are the Signs He Loves You? We have all been in that space in a relationship where things are moving along well, and you might start to think, “This thing we have going is …

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15 Ways to Show Love & Affection

Ways to Show Love and Affection

It is not uncommon for couples to have one partner who desires more affection. I have been working with a couple where the wife has asked for more physical affection. It seems straightforward and simple, …

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20 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Signs He Doesnt Love You Anymore

Everyone can usually relate to interacting with someone where afterward, you think, replay, and analyze it thoroughly. We all do it, but we tend to do it a lot as women. Have you ever seen …

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20 Ways to Be a Better Wife

How to Be a Better Wife

Discover 20 simple ways you can instantly become a better wife and positively impact your relationship starting TODAY!