Couples Retreat Ideas: Ignite the Spark

DIY Marriage Retreat At Home

An agenda for a DIY Marriage Retreat should include multiple activities focused on fun, relaxation, and team building. Who a DIY Marriage Retreat Can Help Most Intensive Marriage Retreats were originally developed to assist couples …

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How To Stop a Divorce from a Wife

How to change your wifes mind about divorce

Like ships passing in the night, you are on opposite schedules. You and your wife cannot recall the last time your wife kissed you and meant it. Although most people are unhappy with the world …

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Yin Yang Meaning for Love & Relationships

Yin Yang Meaning for Love and Relationships

Have you ever wondered how yin and yang relate to love and happy relationships? Do opposites REALLY attract? Discover how ancient yin-yang theory affects couples here!

How To Win Your Husband Back , 8 Steps

How to Win Your Husband Back During Separation

How can I win my man’s heart again? All of us married women, wonder at some point in our married lives how to win your husband back. All relationships have their ups and downs, but …

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3 Reasons Why Ending an Affair Feels SO Hard

Why Ending an Affair is Hard

Affairs are complicated and often difficult for one to define and explain.  Perhaps the best way to conceptualize an affair is by likening it to a hand grenade.  Grenades are sleek vessels that carry chemical …

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