Couples Retreat Ideas: Ignite the Spark

DIY Marriage Retreat At Home

An agenda for a DIY Marriage Retreat should include multiple activities focused on fun, relaxation, and team building. Who a DIY Marriage Retreat Can Help Most Intensive Marriage Retreats were originally developed to assist couples …

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Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits” (FWB) is a term used to describe a relationship dynamic where two individuals engage in sexual activities without being in a committed romantic relationship. Essentially, they are friends who also have a …

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10 Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You 

There are signs you might notice when your wife might act differently lately. The relationship may be more than a rough patch that all marriages go through – this whole emotional affair somehow feels worse. …

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Married BUT in Love With Someone Else

Married But In Love With Someone Else

What to do when married and in love with someone else? You never meant for it to happen, nor did you think you would ever develop romantic feelings for someone other than your spouse. But …

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How To Make Relationship Last

The question of how to make a relationship last is not easy. It takes the following to make it work: But it is definitely worth it. There are several things we will discuss here that …

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How to Write a Love Letter

Writing a love letter never gets old. They are putting feelings into the words to describe just simply romantic. Indeed change the more they stay the very same way. Before technology, men used two unique …

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My Husband Hates Me-What do I do Now?

Husband hates me

It feels tough times when your husband hates you. The feeling signs your husband hates you are terrible. Many people have been through this. Living under the same roof with a husband who hates you, …

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How To Stop a Divorce from a Wife

How to change your wifes mind about divorce

Like ships passing in the night, you are on opposite schedules. You and your wife cannot recall the last time your wife kissed you and meant it. Although most people are unhappy with the world …

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