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Quick! Here’s What to do (and not do) When Your Wife Wants a Divorce!

After years of wedded bliss, you and your wife find yourselves living parallel lives under the same roof.  Like ships passing in the night, you are on opposite schedules, eat dinner every night with the television, and cannot recall the last time that your wife kissed you and meant it.  Although unhappy with the state […]


How to Quickly Change Your Wife’s Mind When She Wants a Divorce

So, you need to quickly change your wife’s mind about divorce… Statistics show that nearly 2/3 of divorces in America are initiated and filed by women.  Once deeming their marriage beyond repair, women quietly shift focus to departure strategies, while attempting to bolster financial and emotional resources.  When the timing is right, women throw down the […]


6 Warning Signs Of A Failing Marriage (Plus Mistakes To Avoid)

If you feel like your marriage has been in a rough spot lately, then you may been wondering about the signs you should get a divorce. Which is exactly why we compiled the 6 most obvious signs that your marriage is falling apart in this post.  By understanding these signs, you can be proactive and […]