Sexy Text Messages For Her and For Him

Sending sexy text messages to your significant other is a great way to reignite or improve passion in your marriage or relationship. With the advancement of technology, those in long-distance relationships can also enhance their …

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Attachment Styles in Relationship

Attachment styles are a way of classifying how people react to certain situations. An individual’s attachment style is the result of their early interactions with their primary caregivers and influences how they see themselves in …

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Does He Love Me?

Nostalgic Photo of Couple on Date

Genuine love includes four fundamental components: care, obligation, regard, and information. These words were said by Eric Fromm, a great therapist, psychoanalyst, social scientist, and humanistic scholar. It’s natural to question whether or not your …

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Fear of Commitment in a Relationship

partners having fear of commitment

Why do some people fear commitment in a relationship? Let’s start by describing what commitment is. It means being devoted to someone with somehow limited freedom. That is why to make a commitment, some people …

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Financial Problems in Marriage

Financial problems may not be the worst thing, but they can have a terrible effect on a marriage. If you’re married with children—and already frustrated by your partner to the point of divorcing—financial difficulties may …

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Relationship With a Drug Addict

Annoyed Couple Fighting

In the face of addiction, it’s easy to feel powerless. Yet, if you can find ways to stay in a healthy intimate relationship with a drug addict, you’ll discover that your life is full of …

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Cyber Cheating

Cyber cheating, partner chatting on the phone with a lover

Is cyber cheating real? Oh yes! Especially nowadays, with people getting involved more and more with the technology world. So, what is it that they do? They are chatting online or email each other. So, …

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My Husband Hates Me

It feels like your husband hates you. The feeling is terrible, many people had been through this. Living with a person, sharing your life with him, and feeling resentment gets your last nerve. You feel …

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Recovery After an Affair

Wife Reconsidering Divorce

Affair is not as rare as it seems. One out of every three marriages ends in divorce after an adulterous experience comes to light. Most people tend to distinguish an emotional affair from a sexual …

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Cell Phone Privacy in the Relationship

Cell Phone Privacy Many relationships today fail as a result of privacy violations. Now more than ever, people spend most of their free time on their phone screens. Almost everyone’s phones have more sensitive information …

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