How to Survive After Breakup

break up of a couple

The best way to overcome the breakup The period after a break-up is traumatizing and tear-jerking. Forgetting everything you shared and moving on isn’t child’s play. But then, breaking up is not the end of …

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Tips for Having Healthy Disagreements

Couple Arguing Healthy way to handle disagreement Conflict Conflict is always there in life. Some experience conflicts with people they never know, workmates, their instructors, friends, and even family members. Moreover, conflicts come out naturally …

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Friends with Benefits

Meaning of FWB Friends with Benefits share moments and help each other with no strings attached. It is a perfect relationship for people who are not ready or have no desire to commit. They can …

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Physical Intimacy Importance

How to Spice Up Your Marriage

Intimacy and Its Benefits in a Relationship Physical intimacy is a part of a healthy relationship. It is the closest connection that two people can experience. Intimacy is a feeling of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness …

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Spiritual Intimacy Importance

Spiritual Intimacy Significance Spiritual intimacy’s importance is pretty underestimated. It’s not often discussed. Being spiritually close plays a crucial role in increasing the bond between partners. Intimacy Starts with Communication Any relationship starts with communication. …

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