Couples Retreat Ideas: Ignite the Spark

DIY Marriage Retreat At Home

An agenda for a DIY Marriage Retreat should include multiple activities focused on fun, relaxation, and team building. Who a DIY Marriage Retreat Can Help Most Intensive Marriage Retreats were originally developed to assist couples …

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10 Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You 

There are signs you might notice when your wife might act differently lately. The relationship may be more than a rough patch that all marriages go through – this whole emotional affair somehow feels worse. …

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How to Write a Love Letter

Writing a love letter never gets old. They are putting feelings into the words to describe just simply romantic. Indeed change the more they stay the very same way. Before technology, men used two unique …

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How to Deal with a Toxic Mother in Law

Does the relationship with your mother-in-law feel painful and difficult? This guide explains powerful techniques for managing the worst problems.

Yin Yang Meaning for Love & Relationships

Yin Yang Meaning for Love and Relationships

Have you ever wondered how yin and yang relate to love and happy relationships? Do opposites REALLY attract? Discover how ancient yin-yang theory affects couples here!

Ideas for Couples Game Night

Couples Game Night

A couples game night can be perfect for you and your partner to unwind after a fun date or long day. Game nights offer new experiences and quality time to bond with each other. Whether …

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Recovery After an Affair

Wife Reconsidering Divorce

Affair is not as rare as it seems. One out of every three marriages ends in divorce after an adulterous experience comes to light. Most people tend to distinguish an emotional affair from a sexual …

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Ways Marriage Changes After Children

Every married couple with kids knows that having children is a thankless job. Raising children together can be incredibly challenging and rewarding, but most couples don’t realize that marriage changes after children. Some of these …

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Married Couples Guide to Combining Finances

With marriage comes responsibility, specifically financial responsibility. Studies show that financial issues are a leading cause of divorce. Budgeting, financing, and dealing with money problems are difficult enough for a single person to manage. When …

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