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Games to Play Over Texts for a Couple

Keeping in touch is important, but not everyone enjoys talking on the phone. Anyone in a long-distance relationship can attest to how convenient texting can be. However, it may get tedious after a while. If you’re looking for a way to spice things up, try one of the many couple-friendly texting games available.

It’s possible that you’d have more fun and stay engaged if you played some exciting games. Here are some of the best texting games to play and liven up your regular conversations.

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Truth and dare
  • Kiss, marry, or kill
  • Emoji game

1. Story Creator

This is a great game for kindling the minds of both participants. The game’s objective is to create a tale sentence by phrase until it makes sense.

There should be a beginning and an end to the tale. Depending on your choices, you may decide ahead of time if the texting game will contain extra components or story twists.

Begin with a contentious topic or problem. It may be beneficial to ensure that you and your spouse agree on how the story will go.

To begin the game, text your partner an intro like “It was a murky and wild night.” After adding a new line, email the altered narrative to your friend. Continue to add sentences as needed to make the tale flow. You may choose how the texting game finishes depending on how long you want to play it.

2. I Never

Partners in this game may divulge their most sensitive secrets by starting each with “I never.”

Texting may boost your relationship because of its romantic implications.

Only provide information that you are certain your partner does not already know. You may choose a specific hidden category, such as behaviors or nutritional preferences, or leave it open-ended.

If you wish to reveal a secret, follow it with “I never.” For example, you may write, “Despite having numerous pals, I have never fallen in love.” Identify some complicated and exciting parts of life that you may avoid discussing with your spouse in the past.

3. I Spy

It’s a great game for couples familiar with each other’s houses and decor. Despite its text style, this game functions similarly to the classic “I spy” game.

Choose an object (or many) and some text to “spy” on. “I notice anything that resembles the sky?” you may reply if you had a blue vase at home. Your partner must respond to your SMS by informing you of what it is.

You may offer clues or permit up to three guessing chances. You can also make the game more enjoyable by asking your partner to guess your clothing color or style.

4. One Thing

This fun game encourages real-life discussion. Ask your partner what one aspect of their lives they would want to alter.

Choose a genre or area of life to focus your studies on. You can chat about anything, depending on how comfortable the other person is, including your career, love, or anything else.

Begin with a topic-related inquiry. After your partner’s response, it is your time to offer a question. They may ask the same or a different question as you. You may restrict your searches to a particular topic or change between several. Consequently, you may begin by inquiring about their career before progressing to their personal lives.

6. Rhyming Sentences

If you like rhymes, you’ll probably enjoy this game a lot. You send an SMS to your partner, and they must respond with at least one word that rhymes with the preceding word of your message.

Begin with a query or broad generalization. You can say, “I appreciate being around you and spending time with you.” For your partner to respond, the final word of your sentence must rhyme with the last word of their statement.

You are free to continue the topic at whatever time you like. The next sentence might have a different ending word. You may continue to play as long as you can come up with rhymed terms.

7. Guess Where I Am

After hearing you describe your surroundings, your partner guesses your location. It’s an excellent text game to play while your companion is gone for an extended period or is traveling.

In contrast to the “I Spy” game, you don’t describe a single item. Instead, you provide a quick explanation of your environs and sentiments. You may also offer as much information as possible.

Send a snapshot of the most noticeable aspect in your area to your spouse. So, if you’re at a coffee shop, you may send the following text: “Tall cups, a pleasant aroma, and an abundance of utensils surround me. Guess where I am.” Your partner will then have to make a guess. If the response is accurate, you may go to the following text. You may also play by guessing where you are, what you’re drinking, or what you’re eating.

8. Movie Title Emoji

Texting now incorporates emoticons in addition to text for communication. After receiving an emoji, the recipient of this text message must correctly identify the movie title. The only use of language is to discuss and reveal the answer.

Choose a movie genre or state that you will only discuss movies that you have both seen. It will make determining the title of the film easier. Choose emojis that are appropriate for the film.

If your partner is having difficulty determining the film’s title, offer suggestions. The player with the most correct answers wins the game.

9. Riddles

Nothing beats deciphering a loved one’s puzzles for entertainment and fascination. Choose well-known riddles or ones that express your relationship with each other.

You can select a variety of generic puzzles that are easily available online. Also, do your own puzzles. For example, if you get your hair cut in the summer, you can request, “I expand in the winter and shed in the summer. I’m brown, but I can be blonde or black if I want to; who am I?”

10. Imaginary Situations

Put each other in amusing hypothetical situations and enjoy each other’s responses. Create hypothetical conditions that are applicable to both of you and to which you can relate. It will make it easier to come up with amusing responses, and it could turn out to be a laughing game.
Don’t be afraid to be creative when responding to these situations. The goal is to imagine the outcomes of these fantastical events while having as much fun as possible.

11. Rapid Fire

It’s a game for couples who enjoy sending messages quickly and receiving responses quickly. Send a phrase to a friend, and they must respond as soon as possible. Choose those that you and your partner will most likely find simple to understand.

Send your partner a word or short phrase by text message, and allow them 30 seconds to text back a matching word or phrase. For example, if you texted “Strong,” your partner would respond with the noun that best describes the word, such as “Your arms” or “Your brain.”

12. Choices Game

Give your partner two sentences with two options or possibilities, and they must choose the one they prefer. You could ask if diners want a restaurant with various main dishes or desserts. Alternatively, “Would you prefer a simple ceremony with your entire family or a destination wedding with a small group?” There is no correct or incorrect answer. So, feel free to start a text conversation about the answer to know more about your partner’s point of view over a “would you rather” game.

Relationships frequently become mundane over time. Playing some of these best texting games for couples allows you to stay in touch with your partner while having fun. You can liven your relationship by engaging in these exciting activities. So take a look around and pick a game to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

People also ask:

How Can I Play a Sexy Game?

Choose a text-based game that both you and your friend can enjoy. To play, use WhatsApp or another chat service that works for you. To avoid response delays, you should both pay close attention while playing.

How Can I Make My Partner Smile Via Text Messages?

If your partner is missing you or is unhappy while you are apart, playing text games could make them happy. You can ask questions, interpret emoticons, or download and use your favorite game programs.

What Kind of Game Would Be Enjoyable For Couples to Play?

Truth or Dare, Monopoly, Twenty Questions, and Uno are some live games that pair like playing together. There are also several fun texting games, such as rapid-fire, fill-in-the-gaps, and this or that.

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