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How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost?

If your marriage has been on the rocks lately, you may have asked yourself: “How much does marriage counseling cost?”

Well, we’ve done some digging to give you better insight into exactly how much you can expect to pay for marriage counseling.

If you want the benefits of marriage counseling but cannot bear the financial burden, then consider some of the best inexpensive alternatives to traditional marriage counseling near the end.

You will likely encounter conflict at some point during your marriage.

However, suppose this conflict transforms into an overbearing force that dominates and strains the relationship. In that case, it may just be time to seek the help of someone who specializes in resolving these marriage counseling issues.

Before considering how much marriage counseling costs, let’s briefly consider the following…

How Marriage Counseling Can Help Couples

How marriage counseling can help couples

So, How Much Does It Cost To Meet With A Couples Counselor?

The cost of marriage counseling can vary across the board. Still, according to the national directory of family and marriage counseling, you can expect to pay between $75-$200 per hour, with the average session costing around $100.

How Long Will Couples Therapy Last?

A couple’s therapy usually entails 10-14 visits in 6-8 weeks.

There are just averages that may differ for you and your spouse depending on the type of therapy and specific issues.

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost Of Couple’s Therapy?

Generally,  insurance will only cover medical illnesses. In this instance, the couple’s marriage counseling is not covered.

However, there are many insurance providers, and they also vary state by state, so it is essential to take anyone’s word for face value. Use this resource to help you figure out if your insurance company might pay for couples.

So, now that you can appropriately estimate the cost…

how much does marriage counseling cost

Should You Make The Investment In Couples Counseling?

By now, you know the costs associated with marriage counseling, but maybe you’re still skeptical or on the fence about it. 

To help simplify this process so you can make a better-informed decision, consider the following…

Remember, resolving issues in your relationship may take tremendous time and energy. You must ultimately decide if your marriage is worth fighting for.

Are you ready and willing to take full responsibility for your role in the conflict?  

This is huge when it comes to marriages or any relationship. Everyone makes mistakes.

You must acknowledge this and apologize when necessary.

Are you willing and able to make financial and personal sacrifices to see the couple’s therapy through?

Similarly to just about anything in life, getting results takes a lot of time and effort.

So be prepared to make personal sacrifices to make couples therapy work.

Are you open and prepared to compromise?

A successful marriage is like a two-way street, with neither person always getting their way.

Be prepared to compromise on a wide variety of issues in your marriage.

should you make the investment in couples counseling

Are you willing to do something different?

The marriage counselor will likely recommend new techniques and exercises to aid in mending your marriage, so it’s essential to consider how receptive you or your partner will be to change.

Although we highly recommend in-person marriage counseling, we know couples who have had success through alternative resources.

With that being said, consider the following…

Inexpensive Alternatives To Traditional Couples Counseling:

If you and your spouse cannot commit financially to couples therapy, consider the following alternatives that can be just as effective.

  1. Save the marriage system. This system has helped save the marriage of thousands of couples, including my own. I highly recommend you check this system out.
  2. Better help. Better help is an online alternative to couples therapy. When you sign up, you get seven days of free online counseling.
  3. Marriage counseling books. These books can be just as effective as counseling since they allow couples to work together from the comfort and privacy of their home. By reading aloud from the book to one another, teams can create their mini therapy session and discuss what the author says in the discussion.

When it comes to marriage counseling, timing is everything.

Regrettably, most couples wait too long before seeking help to repair their marriage.

The sooner you act, the higher chance of success you’ll have.

I hope you now have a better idea of how much you can expect to pay for marriage counseling and if it’s ultimately for you.

Remember, there are no guarantees, and it will take lots of time and effort, depending on your marital issues.

Defeating Divorce believes marriage is worth fighting for and that investing in marriage counseling is wise.  If the marriage counseling cost is too high for you, email us for more help.

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