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20 Ways to Be a Better Wife

Regarding relationships, we almost look at them as separate entities. Each individual is part of that system, and when one part is affected, the system as a whole is affected.

As a person within the relationship, you have no control over only one part: yourself. If you put work into yourself, it can impact the relationship positively.

If BOTH partners put in the effort, then it’s just gravy.

When I work with couples, I encourage them to start inward first. Look at self first, BEFORE looking at the relationship. Before looking at your relationship, the best thing you can do is start becoming the best version of yourself.

Here are some ways to help you become the best wife you can be:

1. Be His Champion

Wife Encouraging Stressed Husband
If you notice that your husband is stressed or upset, step in and offer support and words of encouragement.

Everyone wants to feel supported, but knowing you have a supportive partner is crucial. Your husband loves to hear and feel your support, whether it is a potential promotion at work or recreational softball. He wants to know that you think he is capable and believes in him.

It’s important to be his most prominent advocate and cheerleader. It helps build his confidence and feelings of security in the relationship. He will never have to doubt your support or that you always have his back.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Love

If we are stereotyping here (and I think we can), women usually want to know the relationship is in a good place. This helps them engage in sexual intimacy.

Men want to engage in sexual intimacy to know the relationship is good. It’s somewhat similar to physical affection.

Typically (again, not everyone falls into these stereotypes), men desire physical affection on a high level, and it does not have even to mean just sex.

Women are usually doing a thousand tasks simultaneously, ensuring everything is taken care of constantly. It’s meaningful when wives pause to take moments out of their day to show affection. It helps husbands feel loved, wanted, and like they are a priority.

3. Remind Him That You’re Physically Attracted to Him

Wife Flirting With Husband
Never let your husband forget that you’re attracted to him. Men enjoy feeling desired.

Just as women like to feel beautiful, men also enjoy feeling desired.

On the subject of sex, most men I have worked with over the years talk about how they care less about how often they have sex with their wives. They care way more about knowing their wife is enjoying the moment. As with women, husbands love feeling desired by their wives. It’s affirming for them.

Even outside of sex, giving him a flirty compliment and slap on the rear can remind him that he is attractive in your eyes, helping him feel more secure.

4. Compliment Him on a Deeper Level

The “Hey, I think you’re sexy!” compliment does NOT hurt a guy’s self-esteem. However, building him up deeper can create more sustained confidence.

When you comment, “I love how you are patient and kind even when it would be easy not to be that way,” two things happen:

First, you compliment him on who he is rather than his accomplishments or things that may be fleeting.

It shines a light on some of those intangible qualities. He can see a more profound admiration from you, which can be uplifting.

Secondly, it shows you are paying attention.

It illustrates that you know him and see him for who he is. It can help him feel seen and known, which is incredibly comforting.

5. Take an Interest in His Hobbies

Wife Watching Sports With Husband
Joining your husband briefly while he spends time on his hobbies can help strengthen your connection.

Raise your hand if you love all of your husband’s hobbies!

Chances are, you probably have no interest in at least one (but usually multiple) hobby, and that is completely fine. You do not have to love everything your husband is involved in.

However, I have been in therapy with couples whose wife is uninterested in their husband’s hobbies and shut them down.

I get it, video games and sports may seem silly or pointless, but they may be necessary to your husband. It can help to engage in the things he finds interesting. It allows him to share something he is passionate about with you, which builds a connection.

You do not have to sit down and watch football or play video games with him. Just taking a general interest can be enough and be meaningful to him. And who knows, you might end up liking it too!

6. Encourage Him to Spend Time on His Hobbies

If you show interest in his hobbies and understand them a little better, it can help lead to you encouraging him in his pursuits.

Sometimes, it seems wives are threatened by the things their husbands love.

Deep down, it seems they are afraid that encouraging their husband to spend time on their hobbies or with their friends will drive a wedge in their relationship.

Is that a potential reality?


Are there husbands who struggle to balance their life and prioritize well?


Spending time on his hobbies can rejuvenate him and allow him to be more engaged rather than distracted. However, encouraging your husband in his pursuits can often have a boomerang effect. It can come right back to you in a beneficial way.

It shows him you care about what is important to him and wants him to have that time for himself. When he gets that time, he will appreciate you for helping him make space for his hobbies.

7. Say Thank You for the Things He Does

Wife Showing Appreciation to Husband
Showing appreciation can be as simple as saying, “Thank you!” You can also step things up with gratitude, like breakfast in bed.

Saying “thank you” may seem ridiculously small compared to the other things on the list. However, the little things help sustain relationships, and showing gratitude is vital.

The further you get into your relationship, your roles become stronger and more defined. These roles help keep the relationship and everyday life humming along nicely.

Slowly, expectations are cemented. If he cooks dinner regularly, that is what you expect. If he does yard work, that is what you desire.

Eventually, those expectations and routines can lead to less mindful thinking, and that is usually when we forget certain things like saying “thank you.” Going out of your way to show gratitude can toss those expectations aside and show him that you appreciate him, even if he is doing what is expected.

It feels nice to be appreciated and can help husbands feel more loved.

8. Show Him and Tell Him You Appreciate Him

Be specific. This seems similar to saying “thank you,” It is similar but takes it a step further.

Share with him why you are thankful. It can be one thing to say, “Thank you.” It is another to take a moment to tell him why.

For example, telling him, “Thank you for cooking dinner,” but adding, “It gives me a chance to unwind and gives me one less thing to worry about,” will show him you have put more thought into it.

It’s affirming for him to know how his actions (even those he is expected to do) benefit him. It can also be nice to show him you appreciate what he does for you.

It could be something as simple as a sweet text or a small gesture like bringing him a coffee. Whatever you choose, showing how much you appreciate you can be uplifting to him.

9. Learn His Love Language and Be Intentional

Couple Spending Quality Time Together
If your partner’s love language is quality time, ensure your attention is solely on your partner. Get away from screens and electronic devices.

It’s widespread for us to show people love in how we like to receive it.

For example, if words of affirmation help you feel loved the most, you probably are throwing out compliments and affirming statements like Oprah giving out free stuff –

YOU get an affirmation; YOU get an affirmation; EVERYONE gets an affirmation!!!

That is entirely natural and completely normal.

However, knowing your partner’s love language can help you zero in on ways they feel loved.

It is about really understanding what they want. Sometimes, it’s not as simple as needing quality time. You need to know what that means to them.

They may want to be near you, and watching a movie together satisfies that desire.

Or, they may want your undivided attention on something more engaging, like an activity.

Whatever it may be, it is vitally important to recognize how they feel loved and be intentional to show them love in their way.

10. Surprise Him in Little and Big Ways

As I mentioned, relationships can become routine, and expectations become set. It can be nice to defy expectations at times and surprise your husband.

This can be anything a little different than the norm! It’s also helpful to pair this with knowing his love language.

You could plan a surprise date night for the two of you. You could surprise him by doing something he usually does, like the dishes or cooking dinner. They do not have to be grand gestures. Too often, we get caught up in the “grand” part when in reality, the “gesture” part is the most important.

It showed that you’ve been thinking about him and went out of your way to do something special for him. It will help him feel loved and that his happiness is your priority.

11. Take an Interest in His Friends

Wife Getting to Know Husband's Friends
When you are interested in your partner’s friends, he may feel less conflicted about spending time with them. You might even make new friends, too!

Regarding friends, wives need to be supportive of those relationships. Just like women, they can get a specific type of companionship from those friendships. It’s different but needed.

Some women can be concerned, especially if they don’t know the people their husband spends time with. It can be helpful to get to know your husband’s friends. If you make an effort with his friends, it will show him you support those relationships in his life.

Winning over his friends can also be great because they can remind him how lucky he is to have someone so great in his life (ha!)

12. Encourage Him to Spend Time With His Friends

As you get to know his friends, it will become easier to encourage him to spend time with them.

It creates opportunities for some healthy time away from each other.

It also allows him to talk to people who relate to him on an impossible level, such as his wife and woman.

Not only will he enjoy time with his friends, but he will also appreciate your encouraging and helping him make it a priority.

Instead of feeling stuck between his wife and his friends, he will feel supported in more ways than one.

13. Do Not Undermine Him or Minimize His Feelings

Wife Criticizing Husband
Undermining your husband’s thoughts or feelings will make him feel frustrated and even ashamed.

If I had to pick one of my least favorite tropes on television, it would be how they portray married men. Husbands are often seen as idiots, albeit usually very lovable, but idiots nonetheless.

Subsequently, the wife seems to be portrayed as someone who has to “take care” of him, making her look controlling and cold. This type of caricature is unhealthy, particularly in terms of relational dynamics.

It feeds into this idea that husbands aren’t capable and leads to undermining them and minimizing their feelings.

It is especially detrimental when this happens in front of other people, including their children.

It can add shame and embarrassment and leave others thinking there is no need to take them seriously.

14. If You Have Children, Encourage Him as a Father and Build Him up in Front of Your Kids (Even If He’s Not Around)

If your husband is a father, one of your roles is to support him in becoming the best father he can be. Encourage him to foster relationships with his children and build him up as a dad. I have seen fathers absent not because they do not care but because the wife takes everything on.

I have seen men lack confidence in their abilities as parents because they were not responsible for caring for their small children early on.

As a wife, it can be somewhat easy to step into the role naturally. It’s essential to relinquish some control and allow your husband the opportunity to get involved early.

As the kids grow older, building him up in front of them is essential, even if he’s not around.

He might not know what words you said while he was away, but the kids will see him in a different light when you talk positively about him.

15. Talk Positively About Him to Others

Wife Showing Off Husband
Do not forget to trash your significant other with your friends. Focus on lifting him – in person and around others.

Most women probably have been in a situation where they have been in a group of women, and someone brings up something annoying their significant other does.

Usually, what follows is many, “Oh, this one time he…” and “Oh yeah, me too!” It’s good and relieving to vent at times, but it is essential to recognize what is venting and bashing.

Sometimes there are other situations where you might be with your husband and his friends, and they start poking fun at each other. It can be easy to jump in and pile on, which can be fun and playful… sometimes. Watching how you talk about your husband to others is essential, even if he is not around.

Speaking positively about him to others when he is not around can help you appreciate him more. That appreciation can help you treat him well when you are with him.

16. Be Vulnerable To Him

Vulnerability is tough but also necessary to develop deep connection and intimacy.

Our culture can be extremely unkind to men when expressing emotions. Honestly, it’s something we need to do better. We must create a new norm where men can be as emotionally open and vulnerable as women. Modeling vulnerability can be vital because it shows him that you trust him and feel the relationship is safe for you both.

It can build up his self-esteem knowing he gets to see a side of you no one else sees.

Experiencing your vulnerability will help bring security to the relationship.

17. Allow Him to Be Vulnerable With You

Couple Being Vulnerable With Each Other
Your relationship should feel like a safe space where both people’s emotions are addressed and appreciated rather than dismissed.

Ideally, creating a safe space in the relationship will allow him to be vulnerable.

Do NOT allow yourself to be caught up in the toxic culture trap that men cannot and should not express emotions outside of happiness and anger.

When he opens up about emotions, validate them and encourage him further. Even if the emotions are difficult to hear (i.e., his feelings are hurt by something you said), try not to minimize or shut them down.

Foster an atmosphere where communicating emotions is appreciated rather than dismissed.

18. Watch out For Criticizing, Stonewalling, and Being Passive Aggressive

Constant criticism can slowly tear down who a person is. It can be a destroyer of self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Stonewalling or freezing someone out shuts down communication and the possibility of reconciliation.

Handling situations through passive-aggressive tactics usually does not yield positive outcomes and can feel manipulative.

These types of behaviors usually tear down and create resentment. Once resentment nestles into a relationship, it can be challenging to overcome. It is vital to face difficult moments with empathy, a listening ear, and open communication.

19. Ask Him for Help and Allow Him to Help You

Husband Helping Pregnant Wife
If your husband is helping you, don’t micromanage the situation. It helps him build self-confidence and deepens his connection.

One of the more difficult things to do is to ask for help. Vulnerability deepens the connection between people. It can feel very vulnerable to admit you need someone. Feeling wanted and needed can strengthen self-esteem.

Asking your husband for help, and allowing him to help you, can lead to a deeper connection between you.

It can allow him to feel useful and wanted by you. It will enable him to use his strengths, like problem-solving or finding creative solutions.

Not only will it allow him to do something that benefits you (which he will enjoy), but it will also allow him to use his skills and strengths, which can feel empowering.

20. Encourage Him to Be Healthy (Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally)

Support his healthy habits in any way he needs. Marriage is the sum of its parts. It will only be as healthy as each partner within the relationship.

It circles back to being your husband’s champion.

Encourage him to be healthy in all aspects of his life and take the initiative in caring for himself. Provide support in whatever way he needs, whether it’s providing encouragement, accountability, or all the above.

He will know you support him every step of the way and care about his well-being.

Are You the Best Wife You Can Be?

I can imagine many of these points you have read and can think, “Hey, I already do that!” That’s great!

Hopefully, some of these points give you ideas to consider and implement.

The idea is NOT to overwhelm yourself with a checklist, but more to be mindful of what can benefit your husband and your relationship. The more aware you are, the better the chance of you being the best wife you can be!

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Michelle Overman, LMFT

Michelle is licensed by the state of Texas as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Over her time in the field, she has helped couples understand the inhibiting patterns within their relationships and overcome those difficulties by creating more connection and vulnerability.

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