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How to Flirt with a Guy

Read tips on how to flirt with a guy you like.

We all liked someone at some point. Such a wonderful feeling! Flirting is one of the ways to communicate with that special someone who makes us daydream and sweat our palms.

However, flirting does not come naturally for some people. So, how to flirt with a man?

If you’re like most of us, you can probably see the outcome of your first flirtatious conversation in your head, but having one may be a little more difficult. Here are some tips on how to flirt with a guy.

  • Be true to yourself
  • Pose intelligent inquiries
  • Be genuine and direct

Maintain Eye Contact

When you’ve just observed someone across a room at a bar or met them at a party and haven’t said anything, eye contact is the major method to show interest.

You come to a standstill and focus on him while surveying the room. Allow your sight to linger, and take your time. Before softly moving your head away, give a tentative, warm smile.

It may take a few tries to get your point over since it could shock that a girl as gorgeous as you are paying attention to him. Before you use this method, be certain that he does not have a girlfriend who has abandoned him to socialize.


Many women feel that the best flirting technique is to be cold and always play hard to get. A cheerful, enthusiastic woman is significantly more attractive than a gloomy, pessimistic one.

Being positive, laughing, and generally smiling are things that guys find attractive. Don’t, however, giggle wildly at everything he says; it would be weird. Instead, exhibit interest and excitement. Remember, everyone likes attention.

Use Body Language

Even when you haven’t had the opportunity to talk, your body may reveal a lot about who you are. Aside from interaction and smiling, there are a few more things you should be mindful of.

Do not, for example, cross your arms. You could also flip your hair or engage in physical contact. This acts as a feminine gesture that makes your magnificent mane attractive. It’s also a popular flirty movement.

Jokingly Touch Him

A few unintended, well-timed touches might transform the dynamics of an uncertain man. As a result, he will feel more at ease with you and more intimate with you.

However, ensure that the touches are subtle. You may punch him in the arm if he makes a joke. Another wise technique is lightly touching his shoulder when he is most vulnerable.

You may compliment him by lightly touching an article of clothing he is wearing. A goodbye hug may also be a lovely way to begin a relationship.

Put Yourself in His Path Quietly

If you want to flirt, you should be near the guy. Try to cross his path without being too obvious about it. But don’t go too far, or he’ll think you’re a stalker.

Be Smart

Guys like smart, clever women. If you tend to produce witty remarks, you may use them to pursue a romantic partner.

However, avoid being overly caustic or making corny comments that appear pushy or needy. Make him laugh with your natural sense of humor.

Show Genuine Interest

It’s not about making clever, intelligent observations or boasting about your accomplishments. It is essential to be a good, honest listener.

He’ll feel special if you converse with him and give him your whole attention.

You’ll show genuine interest in someone’s life if you like him. Keep your opinions to yourself while he speaks.

One conversational tip is to use the other person’s name frequently. There is a special dynamic in mentioning the name; it shows personal interest.

Leave Some Questions Unanswered

When you’re in a discussion, don’t get too animated. Do not respond to every message he sends you, especially if you are texting.

This could come across as desperate. Texts should be short and to the point.

Bring the Focus to Your Body

Since men are visual beings, occasionally bringing the guy’s attention to your physique will get his pulse racing and hormones raging.

Stretch your body, get your shoulders rubbed, and lower the neck of your shirt. It is one of the ways to flirt with a guy.

Draw his attention to your lips as you distractedly bite them in front of him to hypnotize him. However, take caution not to misuse it. It’s helpful to draw focus on your physique, but only in balance.

Otherwise, you’ll come out as needy and attention-seeking.

Be Subtly Appealing

Wearing red lipstick and exposing one’s body are not requirements for being sexy. That is not the case at all. Flirting involves elusiveness. That should be obvious to the man, but it shouldn’t be obvious to onlookers.

Praise Him

If the compliments are genuine, using them as a flirting approach can be very effective. “I like your new hairstyle.” “Wow, those sunglasses are stunning. “You have a wonderful sense of style.”

These are charming and subtle ways to let someone know you notice them. When you compliment a guy, he realizes you see him differently than others. As a result, compliment him and watch him flush.

Use Text Messages

This is especially important for women who are trying out internet dating. Girl, your texting flirtation must be on point.

Always leave him with a question after your communication so that the discussion may continue.

Ask Captivating Questions

Speaking of questions, avoid asking them if you can help it. Plunge a bit deeper. Make inquiries that need more information than a simple yes or no response.

Work, family, and hobbies are good first conversation starters. Later, you may learn about his aspirations, concerns, and worries.

You don’t necessarily have to date the man you’re flirting with. However, it will help you better understand your love interest.

He’ll probably flirt back, and maintaining a healthy flirtation with a man you’ve admired for some time is enjoyable and good for your soul.

You need to do these pointers and actions to catch a guy’s eye.

Modern women don’t wait for their potential partner to initiate contact or request a date. Instead, they control the situation and make their goals known to the other side.

Therefore, if you want a certain man, starting the discussion with flirting remarks might be a nice place to start.

For example, you might compliment and gently touch them to demonstrate that you are interested in them.

Start the discussion yourself without waiting for them to do so, and be assertive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I Say to Flirt with a Guy?

When flirting, confidence is the most important factor. You might be mistaken as aggressive when you are very direct and make harsh remarks. Requesting the phone number after speaking with someone is a more direct method to flirt.

You introduce yourself and spend some time talking to them about their lives. Another way to improve your flirting game is to provide the other person with your phone number and encourage them to contact you.

For example, “Call me sometime, okay?”

How to Flirt with a Guy in the Text?

You must realize that flirting via text does not need you to master a whole new language.

Simply expressing your emotions for someone is a crucial aspect. Without realizing it, you’ll start flirting with someone if you like them.

How Can I Be More Flirty?

Contrary to common assumption, knowing how to flirt does not involve mastering a variety of precise motions and tactics.

When we attempt to turn flirting into a science, we miss out on all the elements that make it enjoyable and fruitful, including playful teasing, surprise, and a genuine sense of connection.

It will be simpler to comprehend how to flirt after that if you do it in a natural style.

How Do I Subtly Flirt with a Guy?

Get to know them slowly via subtle flirting to determine if you want to proceed with a relationship after all the talking.

Ensure your body language is open and keep the discussion light with a joke to softly flirt with a man.

A grin and a direct gaze into his eyes will convey your attention to him. Avoid crossing your arms when you’re chatting so that you seem at ease and face him with your body.

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