How To Rekindle The Love And Reignite The Passion Back In A Marriage

Rekindling the love in a marriage can be difficult depending on the reason the spark is fading to begin with.

However, this post will outline some sure proof steps of exactly how to rekindle a marriage and reinvigorate the passion!

It is important you understand what kind of effort is needed in order to ultimately reignite the passion with your loved one. 

If the thought of rekindling your marriage seems like a daunting task, then just remember that you could be one idea away from making it work!

Please remember that not everyone is on the same journey when it comes to rekindling their marriage.

These ideas are meant to be if you’re just starting to see some issues OR just looking to add some spice back but not a dire situation.

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4 Ideas to Rekindle a Marriage

Every couple has their own definition of passion and romance so there is no one idea that will be tailored to fit every situation.

However, these ideas can act as a framework to help you rekindle a marriage after infidelity, separation, and even if your marriage feels broken or failing.

Below are ideas for how to rekindle a marriage and reignite the spark.

Rekindle Your Marriage By Getting Back To Basics

At some point there were many reasons for being so excited that you wanted to get married.

It will help the rekindling process if you focus on and recall the early days of your relationship, back when you were just dating!

Make it a point to talk fondly together about some of your more cherished memories during those times.

It is also helpful to reaffirm to one another what made you fall in love with the other person to begin with! I

t will be really touching to hear what your partner had adored about you most and still likely does!

Thinking back to this honeymoon phase of your relationship will be really sentimental for you.

How to rekindle a marriage by getting back to basics

It is during this stage that you make it a point to start doing things you have stopped doing!

For instance, you may have used to always play board games and cards together almost every night before bed.

That may be your fun way of unwinding, electronics free, before hitting the hay.

So make it a point to start incorporating that back into our nightly routine when possible, and with enough effort, could become the part of your day you both look forward to the most!

Remember, the example mentioned above is not for everybody. It is important you choose something that works best for your relationship

To wrap up this idea, it is recommended that you and your partner talk together fondly about your early days. Discussing what initially made you fall in love can really boost your spirit!

Also, take a stroll down memory lane and start doing some of the things you used to love doing with the other person! I promise it’ll really bring some fun and light heartedness back into your relationship!

how to rekindle romance in your marriage

Rekindle Your Marriage By Upping The Romance

It is important to carve out sufficient time to be romantic with your partner together.

Whether it is making dinner reservations at a sexy restaurants or even just walking along the beach, your marriage will benefit from making it a point to really focus on having sexy you time.

No work talk. No stress. Just you and your spouse.

Reigniting the spark doesn’t have to take some huge grand gesture either!

Simply planning a unique date or cooking dinner for your partner and lighting candles can be all the romance you need to get your groove back.

The key here is to be consistent! You can’t be romantic for one night and think your work is done! Try and make it a weekly gesture, or as often as you can anyways.

Remember: rekindling the passion in your marriage takes both time and effort. You both must want to challenge yourselves for the sake of your marriage.

Rekindle Your Marriage By Upping The Romance

Rekindle Your Marriage Through Conquering Communication

It is important to remember that rekindling your marriage begins when you learn to listen to one another again.

It’s not enough in a marriage or any relationship to simply communicate out of necessity…you have to WANT to communicate

To strengthen your relationship, make it a priority to talk everyday and actually ask one another about each others day! 

By doing this, you will be able to transform simple communication into deeper, more meaningful conversations.

So for instance, you can go from simply communicating about things like making sure the electricity bill had been paid, to actually inquiring about each other’s days at work and planning out weekend adventures together.

How To Rekindle Your Marriage Through Conquering Communication

Once you are comfortably communicating again, everything else will fall into place more easily.

Opening up the communication channels at first is not easy, but it does get easier in time to where you’re communicating regularly without even thinking about it!

If both you and your spouse work full time, consider surprising them with a sweet love text messages to avoid going a long time before talking!

Rekindle Your Marriage With Sweet Gestures.

For instance, you could make your spouses favorite dinner out of the blue just for the sake of surprising them. Or one weekend you could tell them that you two will do whatever your partner wants…

You may not personally want to slave away in the kitchen for hours or devote your Sunday to watching football, but it is important that you show your partner how much you loved them.

Remember, these are just some ideas for you. Be sure to implement the sweet gestures that work for you.

How To Rekindle Your Marriage With Sweet Gestures

These kinds of gestures will surprise your spouse and you will likely notice how they can really soften their heart towards you.

You may notice after some selflessness that they start going out of their way to show their love in their own way as well.

From little gifts, to grabbing your partners hand in public more…it may remind you both of when you were dating for the first time all over again.

And before you knew it, it is likely you will so focused on showing one another your love, that these gestures became a daily part of your routine!

In Summary, The Keys For How To Rekindle A Marriage Are

  • Get back to basics
  • Bring in the romance
  • Focus on communication
  • Be selfless

These four steps should put your relationship on the right path to reigniting the spark that you thought you lost.

Rekindling a marriage with passion can really bring you closer together than ever before. 

But it is not easy and likely will not still be easy in the future!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you don’t have to work everyday to maintain a happy, healthy, and fulfilling marriage.

Shift your mindset and be prepared to put in work everyday. You will be so happy you did!

Ideas for how to rekindle a marriage


So that about wraps up this post. I really hope you found these steps helpful and can incorporate them into your relationship!

If you have any steps you think work great at rekindling a relationship please leave them in the comments below, I would love to read them! 

If you found this post helpful, then please be sure to share it with any friends or family you think may benefit from it. 

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