How To Win Your Wife’s Love Back (Even After Separation)

If your searching for answers on how to win your wife back, then please stick around.

Whether you feel like divorce is on the table for your marriage or your wife has already left you, then this post is for you.

And even if you’ve tried to win your wife’s love back already and have failed, you will discover the best steps that you can take to woo your wife again and win her love back before it’s too late.

Just know that It is possible to get your wife back!

The following steps will work if your wife has already separated from you, if you broke your wife’s heart, or her heart has hardened against you. It takes a combination of strategy, the desire to change, and patience.

However, If you’re committed to change, then you could ultimately end up back with your wife with enough effort.

Fix Your Marriage

How To Win Your Wife Back In 4 Steps

It is important to preface these steps by saying that a huge component of winning your wife back lies within your ability to make her feel attracted to you again and making her feel loved.

If you can help her become attracted to you physically and emotionally, that’s typically half the battle. 

 Alright now let’s discuss a few steps you can take to try and get your wife back!

how to win your wife back

1. Reflect And Understand What Really Went Wrong In The Relationship

Where did things start to go south? Did the spark start to fade? At any rate, the love can always be rekindled with enough thought and effort.

You may have a solid understanding of some of the issues or problems that played a role in causing damage, however, it is likely that this are other contributing factors that you may not be aware of. 

So, a few questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Did you let her wear the pants in the marriage for too long?
  2. Did you stop making her feel desired by you as her husband/boyfriend?
  3. Were you too controlling and bossy?
  4. Did you stop putting in the effort to make yourself attractive to her?
  5. Did your personality change in a negative way? Perhaps you became insecure, controlling, or jealous?

Having a deep understanding of all the potential issues will really help you in the next step.

2. Start Fixing Your Issues And Improving On Your Weaknesses

Addressing your character flaws, such as feeling jealous and insecure, are HUGE.

Not only will fixing your own demons make you a happier person, but it will make you more attractive to her.

Another area you can focus on is improving your personal goals and ambitions.

Women are attracted and drawn to men who are successful and go after what they want.

If you’ve become complacent in your career or health, she’ll likely be able to sense it and feel as if you’ve given up or are too lazy to push yourself farther.

personal development in order to win your wife back

3. Understand And Use The Power Of Love

Love doesn’t die. It’s always in the background.

If you can use your understanding of human emotions to your advantage and demonstrate behavior to make her not only feel attracted to you, but in love with you again, it’s game over.

If she respects you as man, feels attracted to you, and desired by you…you stand an excellent chance.

4. Focus On What You Can Control

Don’t be afraid to make it known to her that you want her back and are willing to change.

Ask her where things went wrong for her and what she needs from you to reconsider the relationship. If you feel comfortable meeting her demands and agree with their legitimacy, then you’ll have the perfect roadmap to follow.

If you need help working on your issues, seek the aid of someone like a religious leader you look up to or a couples counselor.

Focus On What You Can Control To Win Your Wife Back

Now, with all of this being said, If your wife has hardened her heart against you, consider the following:

  1. She needs to know that she is loved. When she experiences this feeling, she thrives.
  2. She needs to know that she is your top priority and that you will put her well being above anything else. So give her the affection and attention she needs.
  3. You need to be even better than you were before you met. Not just as good as you were. Clear and purpose in your life. It’s about letting her experience the new and improved version of yourself – not telling her.

How To Win Your Wife Back When She Loves Someone Else

This instance is definitely more difficult when compared to issues where your wife has simply hardened her heart towards you or isn’t in love with someone else.

If you and your wife have separated but are not divorced yet and she has feelings for someone else, then there is a better chance of winning your wife back in this instance compared to if she has always loved someone else and you two have been together.

So, can you win your wife back when she loves someone else?

In our opinions, this is entirely dependent on if she truly loves somebody else.

What is her love for the other person stemming from? Is it genuine real love or maybe shes leaning on someone as a crutch because she is frustrated at you? How serious are her feelings for this other person?

To help you answer these questions and determine if your wife truly loves someone else, ask the following questions:

  • How long has she loved them?
  • Is she romantically in love with them?
  • Where is their relationship headed?

Use those answers to determine if you should be trying to win her back. If your wife is truly in love with someone else, then let her go.

A wife that has developed genuine feelings for someone else is a sign that your probably not meant to be together.

If your union was solid, she would have never developed feelings for someone else.

That about wraps up this post.

I hope you found the information in here useful and are able to put these steps into practice and ultimately win your wife back. 

If you found this post helpful, then please let us know in the comment section below.

As always, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments! We respond to all comments and would love to hear from you.

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  1. Me and my wife ben married for 6 years we have 3 kids when we was staying together I’ve talked with other lady’s and know she said that she doesn’t feel love for me anymore we be separated for 5 months now she is talking with other guy but she said it’s nothing really serious but since we ben separated I have ben working on myself I’m changing and I really do want my wife and kids back


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