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Inspirational Love Poetry

Poetry…The Language of Love

Expression is key to a healthy, sexy, long-lasting relationship. A great way to keep the fire burning is with love poetry! It’s romantic, tells your partner how you feel, and makes your partner feel special. 

Poetry is always a big win- it goes over remarkably well, no matter where you are in your relationship. Whether you’re dating, in a serious relationship, or married, delivering your beloved a love poem can improve your relationship. 

Poetry…The Language of Love

What is a love poem? 

Poetry is all about intent. A love poem expresses your heart’s deepest sentiments- what one feels but doesn’t always say to their dear one.

A love poem is composed of endearments, imagery, symbolism, and nostalgia- words that invoke emotion and capture the essence of your love. Expressing your feelings in a poem to your loved one could greatly impact your communication. It might bring you closer together.

Love poems make your sweetheart feel special and can crank up the intimacy in your relationship. Show your love! Let your heart do the talking, and your lover will swoon! 

What type of poem is used for love?

The most important part of writing a love poem is effectively communicating your love. Sonnets and free verse are commonly used to write love poems.

Sonnet is structured in 14 lines, 3 quadrants alternating rhyme pattern, and a couplet (2 lines that rhyme) at the end. While the free verse is just as it sounds- it’s open. With no metrical rhyme pattern or structural rules, this style flows more like natural speech.

No matter how you craft your love poem, metaphors and similes can add creative flair! Be expressive and emotive! Tell a story and share your feelings! Add a bit of artistic quality to it, and that’s poetry!

What is a short love poem? 

A summary of your love for her can be captured in a short poem. Short love poems are brief, typically 15 lines or less. Think of greeting cards- short, sweet, direct, yet eloquently convey a message.

A little goes a long way! Just make good use of your wording in a short love poem. Your words should paint a picture and invoke emotion. Your poetry is an art- the quill of your heart! 

Please take a look at some of these love poems for inspiration:


Each day I rejoice

Just to hear your voice

You make me smile

More than I have in a while

I look forward to our dates

In fact, I can hardly wait

To see your lovely face 

Feel your warm embrace

To consume

The scent of your perfume

I can say you drive me wild

But that’d be putting it mild

By the lovebug, I’ve been bitten

You are amazing, I am smitten


Our eyes met, and we just clicked

At that moment, I could not predict

The effect you would have on me

It was serendipity

A love that would grow bigger and bigger

Who would’ve figured

That we’d end up together

For all these years

Through storms and sunny weather

Smiles and tears 

I am lucky to have found you

For everything you are and everything you do

You make life better

So I write you this letter

To let know you’re beyond great

And darling, our love was fate

Treasure of a Lifetime

The first time I looked into her bright beautiful eyes

I was absolutely hypnotized

She carried herself with such grace

Always wore a smile on her face

Kind and sweet

This girl, I had to meet

I asked her to meet me for dinner

When she said yes, I felt like a gold champion winner

I was over the moon, elated

I got to the restaurant early and waited

She glided in like a queen

The prettiest girl I’d ever seen

The girl of my dreams

Was there to meet me

We had a lovely night

And to my delight

There were many more

Wonderful dates in store

Until one day I’d ask her to marry me

She’d tearfully agree

To be my bride and I, her groom

Together, we would make a life

As husband and wife

I happily sigh

Thinking about the years gone by

Life has been grand with her by my side

She’s my best friend, to whom I can confide

She holds my hand


And always there

Showing me she cares

Still as beautiful as ever

Her love I will always treasure

It’s You I Love

Soft hair, smooth skin

Where do I even begin

To describe your beauty

Not only on the outside but within

Your gentle voice, your kind heart

Is not even a start 

To your magnificence or

The radiant joy that you impart

It’s physical, mental, and emotional attraction

Passionate energetic transaction

You are my angel sent from above

There’s no one else for me- it’s you I love

The One I Live For

Do you know how much I love you

Do I tell you near enough

Or better yet, do I show you

When life is getting rough

Through the storms and high winds

Is where my loyalty begins

I’ll stand right by your side

Through the tests of any tide

Please know that you’re the one 

My love, who I adore

You’re my stars, moon, and sun

You’re the one I live for

I love you, I love all of you

Through and through 

And forever I will continue

To always, always love you

Side By Side

Living life with you by my side

Gives me strength every day

More gratitude than I can convey

No reason to hide

For this love, I can’t deny

Love is a gift in every season

You give me purpose and reason

On this rock, you and I will stand high

Every day and every night

I’ll hold you close

I’ll love you the most

Nothing’s ever been so right

You and I 

Forever, side by side

I Fell In Love With Her Smile

Hair like lockets of gold

Face like an angel

She was a stranger

With a broad, beautiful smile

And a perfume that drove me wild

Each day I would see her on the train

Her eyes meticulously gazed over the morning newspaper

I watched her read; her face expressionless, page after page

She was just passing the time

I decided to move in closer

Sat in the seat across from the beautiful stranger

Side-glanced smiled and asked her what she was reading

She hesitated, but then… she put down her paper and turned to me

I’ll never forget it- she smiled that lovely big bright smile 

And that was it for me; I was head over heels in love 

My World

I put you high up on a pedestal 

I hold you in the highest regards

My lover, my lady, my life

My world vibrates because of you

With you, the stars shine brighter 

You light up my life

You bring a smile to my face

My world vibrates because of you

You’re precious in my heart

I hold you oh so dear

My lover, my lady, my life

My world vibrates because of you

Holding You Close

My eyes trace

Your beautiful face

Down your bare soft shoulders

As the night grows colder

I snuggle you closely


To consume 

The sweet scent of your perfume

Holding you close

Is the most

At home, I will ever feel

You have to know; my love is real


My lady, so fair

Eyes so bright

Beauty beyond compare

You are my heart’s delight

The way you walk

Swaying your hips

The sweet way you talk

Those lustrous lips 

You are a ten

A goddess so divine

Please tell me when

You’ll agree to be mine

For you, I will wait

We both know our love is the fate

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