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Sexy Text Messages For Her and For Him

Sending sexy text messages to your significant other is a great way to reignite or improve passion in your marriage or relationship. With the advancement of technology, those in long-distance relationships can also enhance their sex life.

Choose some sexy texts that are entertaining and suitable for your connection, whether you are dating, married, or in a committed relationship. Here are important reminders before you hit send:

  • Create a mental image of your surroundings.
  • Set limitations
  • Read something seductive
  • Sometimes, let the emojis do the talking.

Appreciate your Partner

When sending sexy texts, you want to ensure your partner knows how much they’re missing when you’re not around. Tell them about your feelings for him/her and the good memories you shared.

Sexy Text Messages:

  • You make me happy and laugh, even while we’re apart. That’s one of the qualities I like about you.
  • The only way today could be better would be if I were with you.
  • I long for the person I am when we are together. You elevate my status.
  • You seemed to be somewhat attractive when you departed this morning. You’ll seem much more alluring once we shut our bedroom door.

Give Expectations for the Next Time You Can be Together

Tell them what you’re looking forward to so that they can ensure they’re also prepared. Ask him or her to take sexy photos of themselves and send them over (or ask them to send videos). It will give both of you something fun and exciting to do when one is away from your partner, which happens often!

  • Today is date night! I believe you will like the outcome!
  • I want to get the kids to bed earlier than usual. The mere thought of seeing you later makes me joyful.
  • I’d love to have you over if you’re free for dinner tonight. What are your thoughts?

Make Sure They’re Funny as Well as Sexy!

Remember that people love the humor in their messages more than anything else. If something seems funny enough, chances are your partner will appreciate it even more than if they didn’t get any humor.

So don’t forget this point when choosing the kind of jokes or humorous banter that fits best into your text message.

  • Let’s make this the night we live happily ever after!
  • Are Olympic bedroom competitions tonight? You may even receive a gold medal!
  • I’m looking forward to tonight. Just thinking about it makes me happy!
  • Care to guess what I can’t stop thinking about right now?

Tease Them with What You’re Wearing

If you want to send a sexy text message, tease him or her with what you wear. It can be something as simple as “I’m wearing jeans and a T-shirt,” or it could be more like “My skin has never felt so smooth,” but whatever the message is—make sure it’s something that will make them want more from you. Here are a few examples of sexy text messages:

  • Skirt or tight jeans? Your option.
  • What clothes should I bring to bed? Your decision.

Be Creative

There’s nothing worse than receiving a generic text message, so don’t be afraid to be unique! If you’re worried about boring or repetitive messages, why not use creative imagery instead?

You could also consider including something personal about yourself and your relationship with the recipient. This could be your shared memories or inside jokes.

If you would like to make your messages stand out from everyone else’s, then try looking at some other people’s texts and see what works best for you. You might find that some of their ideas are worth incorporating into your style. If not, they can still be an inspiration for something new!

  • Do you remember the time you shook my world? So, let’s try it again tonight!
  • I’m looking forward to spoiling you tonight.

Share Your Fantasies

Sharing fantasies can be perfect if you’re looking for a way to show your partner that you care. Share what you want or have them do with you, and don’t be afraid of being explicit.

Your partner will appreciate knowing how much they mean to you, and it’ll make them feel special when they get the opportunity to share their fantasies in return.

Sharing each other’s fantasies and naughty stuff is an excellent way to get to know each other better. It can also help you find out what turns your partner on and how they like to talk dirty, which can be helpful if you’re trying to figure out how best to please them.

  • Working here is frustrating when I’d rather be at home with you.
  • You make me want to drop whatever I do and lie in bed with you.
  • Your body will be thumping with pure joy tonight.

Use a Sensual Tone

Write about something that interests them while talking dirty. You can also write about things you love about yourself, like how you look in the morning or what type of music you listen to when working out at the gym.

Make sure everything that comes from your mouth sounds natural and not forced. If anything sounds awkward and you think it’s the wrong idea, try changing up some sentences until you get comfortable speaking again. Create a seductive nickname for him and use it exclusively in your sex life.

  • I had a naughty dream of you last night and thought you should know.
  • Looking forward to how I’ll slowly kiss you tonight!

Expressing your devotion and love with only a few taps on your smartphone screen is possible. Send a romantic text message to your partner today to establish a strong sense of connection.

Sexy things will help you enhance your emotional bond and ease sexual tension.

Frequently Asked Questions

People also ask:

What Text Can I Send My Lover to Make Them Happy?

Choose one of the sweet, flirtatious messages we’ve compiled to make him grin. Select the terms that best reflect your unique connection and change them as needed. Incorporating particular recollections and experiences in your messages reminds the recipient of the events you both experienced.

How Can I Send a special SMS to My Partner?

They will feel unique if you express your appreciation for and how you feel about them. You may tell someone you’re thinking about them by sending a charming text message or a little gift.

How Do You Maintain His or Her Attention?

If you want your lover to remember you, you must constantly remind them of you! Sending a fast text message, making a FaceTime call, or sending a simple GIF or emoji are some things that help in relationships.

How Can I Persuade Him to Love Me Via SMS?

People are capable of falling in love. Sexy text messages are excellent for keeping in touch, but they will never completely replace face-to-face engagement. Tone and body language are critical in developing a genuine relationship. Once there’s a connection, texting initiates and maintains the relationship.

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