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Spiritual Intimacy Importance

Spiritual Intimacy Significance

Spiritual intimacy’s importance is pretty underestimated. It’s not often discussed. Being spiritually close plays a crucial role in increasing the bond between partners.

Intimacy Starts with Communication

Any relationship starts with communication. This is how we learn about each other. According to several studies, spiritually intimate couples are better communicators, which is one of the keys to a good relationship. There are many benefits when a couple has communication skills developed. In addition, it leads to a healthier and long-lasting relationship.

Because they are more willing to share and raise a question if needed, communicating with one another makes it easier to solve any problem openly.

Furthermore, there are many more advantages to the relationship when being spiritually close.

Spirituality Teaches Values

Having spiritual intimacy with God allows you to understand values. You learn to appreciate love. Moreover, it teaches you a love language.

Benefits of being spiritual:

All of them are important to apply in your relationship. Also, when you pursue spiritual intimacy with your partner, you’ll be able to grow together, enabling emotional closeness.

Emotional Closeness

Emotional closeness is the bedrock of a healthy relationship/marriage. Couples with emotional closeness feel more secure with one another, which plays a key role in strengthening their relationship.

How to Start a Spiritual Intimacy Journey?

Create Time to Read the Word of God

Couples who read God’s word together are able to stimulate the spiritual part of their relationship. By applying Bible principles in their lives, they are able to strengthen their character. Also, they can make the necessary changes to emulate the heart of Christ. Some do not know how to start. There is a solution. You could join a bible study group in your area or online.

Holding Hands and Praying

A popular phrase goes, “couples who pray together, stay together.” In most cases, prayer teaches you to be other-focused. Consequently, many studies show couples who pray together are less selfish. Furthermore, praying allows you to be more close to each other.

Take Time Evaluate and Acknowledge God’s Blessings

Sometimes, it’s possible to get caught up in asking from God. Also, people have tendency to forget they already got answered prayers. Therefore, keep a journal that you can refer to and see all the by already answered prayers. Additionally, it’s evidence that whatever you do is not in vain. Do not expect the answer to all the prayers. However, keeping a record is always a good idea to organize yourself.

Exercise Patience

Remember that spiritual intimacy is a journey. Therefore, learn to be patient and persistent with one another. Remember, by doing so,you are on the right path.