Unique Date Ideas – Inexpensive and Creative Dates For Any Couple

Looking for the most unique date ideas that will totally impress your date?

Back before my wife Emily and I got married, I prided myself on coming up with the coolest date ideas.

By taking Emily on unique dates, I was able to guarantee a second date, a third date, and so on and so forth.

These unique and creative date ideas that will totally blow your date’s mind, and if it’s a first date, definitely lead to a second date. 

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Alright, now that you know about that resource let’s get into the suggestions!

Unique Date Ideas

If you’re looking to surprise your date and show them a great time unlike any date she’s ever been on before, the following unique date ideas are for you!

What I found about taking the approach of planning a “unique” date, is that I was able to really show my date my adventurous side and ability to think outside of the box.

If you get the impression your date has a taste for being adventurous and spontaneous, these suggestions will be great.

1. Explore a New City Together

If you’re looking to bring some adventure into your date but also want to play things by ear, consider taking your date to a nearby city and simply explore.

Whether you’re cruising around downtown, popping in and out of local boutiques, or simply looking for the best place to grab a bit a la’ Yelp reviews, it’ll be bound to be a mini adventure you can both enjoy.

2. Take a Mini Road Trip

This is a great option if you’re surrounded by a lot of great destinations.

Hop in the car and see how many landmarks, attractions, and famous spots you both can hit up in three to five hours.

The rush of trying to cross off as many places from your list as possible will make the date exciting.

Plus, things will be way less likely to get awkward if you’re constantly changing pace.

Bonus points if you document each place you stop at with a picture of the two of you.

 3. Hit Up a Local Farmers Market Together

Farmers markets are great because they’re the perfect place to do a little shopping and exploring.

You can sample exotic foods, purchase unique trinkets, and even plan a meal to cook together as you pick up fresh ingredients.

Unique Date Ideas - Inexpensive and Creative Dates For Any Couple

4. Do the Most Tourist Thing You Can Think Of

This might sound lame, but trust me when I say it opens the door for a lot of laughs together. Regardless of how many times you or your date has experienced this place or attraction, doing it with a new person is always a fun time.

My wife and I enjoyed doing really overrated and silly things together, as well as visiting famous landmarks in San Diego. It was a whole other experience when you do these things on a first date, and really gives you a new perspective.

Inexpensive Date Ideas

Are you ballin on a budget? Or maybe you don’t believe in spending a lot of money on a first date? Well regardless, these date suggestions pack all the excitement and fun would expect on a date, without hurting your wallet.

1. Catch the Sunrise on the Beach and Have a Breakfast Picnic

Why not get up early and head to the beach or anywhere scenic and catch a gorgeous sunset and engage in some conversation over fruit and bagels?

Bring tons of blankets to cuddle up and stay warm.

Also, consider adding to the ambiance of the date by hitting up a local coffee shop before getting to the beach.

If you or your date aren’t early birds, consider doing this for a sunset instead, just swap coffee for champagne or wine and bagels for cracks, meat, and cheese.

2. Go Stargazing in a Pick Up Truck

If you’re looking to bring the romance, take your date star gazing in a pickup truck.

But instead of sitting inside the cab, fill the bed with sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets!

Getting to know someone under the stars is both exciting and romantic.

Bonus points if you bring hot cocoa or some type of warm beverage.

3. Take a Hike Together

Are you and your date fitness buffs or the outdoorsy types? Consider opting outside and taking a hike somewhere gorgeous!

Not only will you both be right at home in your element, but you’ll get to know each other while getting in a solid workout.

After the hike, consider wrapping the date up with smoothies or protein shakes on your way back into town.

Unique Date Ideas - Inexpensive and Creative Dates For Any Couple 2

Creative Date Ideas

1. Take a Cooking Class

Instead of doing the same old song and dance by hitting up a restaurant for dinner, consider taking your date to a cooking class!

Cooking classes are great because they let you test your culinary skills without the risk of failing, since the chef is on hand offering help along the way.

Cooking classes are great as well since You’ll get to enjoy all your hard work at the end.

2. Visit an Aquarium

Aquariums make the perfect location for dates because they’re dark, intimate, and essentially impossible to get bored at!

You and your date can spend a few hours learning about the ocean, observing wildlife, and exploring the dark exhibits together.

If you don’t have an aquarium near you, consider opting for a planetarium instead for almost the same effect.

3. Take a Winery or Brewery Tour

Has your date given you the vibe they can really appreciate a nice pale ale or pinot grigio?

If so, take them to a brewery or winery for some booze and tours!

You’ll spend a few hours learning about how the wine or beer is made, not to mention tasting it, and getting in some great conversation.

Who doesn’t love a little booze to lighten the mood?


So there you have it, 10 unique date ideas that will surely impress any date!

If you have any unique date ideas be sure to drop them in the comments below, we’d love to add them onto or list!

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