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10 Tips for Stay-at-Home Wife

Points for how to make the best out of staying at home wife and mom.  This guide will show you how to be empowered and confident in everything you do. The key is understanding how to make the most of your choices and create a life you love.

You aren’t born knowing how to be an excellent stay-at-home wife. Times change, and societies evolve. A modern-day stay-at-home wife has the autonomy and empowerment to create her life. That’s you, dear reader.

You aren’t under anyone’s foot in your own home. You are the queen of your household. With the support of your husband, you have the power to make your home a cozy nest. The following tips will help you step up your game as a stay-at-home wife. This is the job you love, the one you’ve chosen and designed for yourself.

Stay at Home Wife Benefits

So let’s start with the perks of being a stay-at-home wife. The freedom that comes with being a homemaker is the foundation under it all, but that’s not the only benefit.

Freedom to create your day

You are the boss at home. This is your chance to be a motivating yet forgiving boss that expects beautiful things from their one and only worker –  YOU! No longer are you held to someone else’s idea of a productive day. You know yourself and what works for your family, and you have the final word.

Learn money management skills

With just your husband’s income, you’ll have the chance to build and improve your money management skills.

As the person making most of the purchases, you’ll learn many ways to stretch your budget and make the most of your money. You and your husband can become a close-knit team involving money, which will only strengthen your marriage.

Instead of feeling trapped with a limited income, you manage your finances more closely than ever.

Appreciating what you have

Living with less helps you appreciate what you have more. It may sound cliche, but gratitude helps your stay-at-home life go more smoothly.

Your budget will work better because you’ll be less tempted to buy things on impulse. You’ll create a more positive atmosphere because you won’t try to solve emotional problems with retail therapy.

Healthier and less stressful home

Living your life around two work schedules can be challenging. Being a stay-at-home wife allows you to adapt your activities around just your husband’s job. You can have healthy home-cooked meals and an organized home without scrambling.

When you feel confident and relaxed about your daily plan, you can welcome him with a comforting atmosphere. You can focus on spending time together, which benefits both of you.

Duties, Activities, & Schedule

Being a stay-at-home wife is work. And like any job, it comes with a list of responsibilities and duties.

Being a homemaker isn’t about being lazy; it’s about doing your job with purpose and pride. You are empowered to create your work the way you need it. This is an excellent opportunity to develop yourself and positively impact your family.

Your work as a stay-at-home wife may look mundane, but they are all part of creating a healthy and safe environment for the people you care most about.

The following is a list of typical daily duties for a stay-at-home wife. It’s your marriage, and a few of these could vary. You might share some of these tasks with your husband, or he may prefer to do some of these himself.

  • Meal planning and prep
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking/baking
  • Organizing
  • Scheduling/planning
  • Paying bills
  • Keeping track of the budget and finances
  • Gardening/yard work
  • Running errands

You may find more things to add to this list as you think about your home and life situation. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed.

The rest of this guide will help you pull it all together in a way that works for you and your family.

Tips for Becoming a Good Stay-at-Home Wife

Being an excellent stay-at-home wife requires planning and strategy. Take the following tips and create a routine that matches the rhythm of your home life.

Start the day with a good mindset.

Your day begins in your head. Start with a positive mindset. Yes, you’ll have mornings when you sleep late or don’t feel great. But if you create a positive attitude first thing in the morning, you’ll do a better job keeping it up throughout the day.

There are several ways to feed your brain in the mornings. Play music or listen to a positive and uplifting message. Listen to a podcast or tune into a YouTube channel you like. Prefer reading instead? Download some ebooks, bookmark positive blogs, or read a traditional printed book.

Journaling is another way to stay aware of your mindset. Get your thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto paper. Go from there and commit to making it an excellent and purpose-filled day.

Set your alarm clock

Pick a time and get out of bed and stick to yourself. It is easy to let valuable time slip by with little thought, incredibly when sleepy. TV can suck you in, as can scrolling through social media or other types of entertainment.

Think about how you want your day to go and plan. Do you have some activities that are best done in the morning? When do you like to exercise or do errands? Think about these activities, how long they take, and when you need them done.

Also, think about your circadian rhythm. Just because you use an alarm clock doesn’t mean you need to get up with the birds. Night owls will be night owls no matter what.

Be intentional with the start of your day, and don’t leave it to chance. You’ll feel much better when the sun goes down if you start your day with purpose.

Get dressed head to toe.

Do stay-at-home wives spend every day lounging in their pajamas? That’s fun occasionally but doesn’t do much for your mindset, energy, or a sense of purpose.

Everyone likes to relax, but you’ll get so much more done if you get dressed like you have a plan. And you do have a plan!

Getting yourself ready for the day kicks your mind into a different mode. Something as simple as that makes a big difference. Getting dressed also helps you separate two essential things: rest and activity.

You don’t have to dress like you’re going to a business meeting but plan on wearing something other than your pajamas.

Wear your trashed clothes on purpose because you are cleaning or working in the garden. Put something more presentable to run to the store or meet up with a friend. Wear your exercise clothes to – you got it – exercise. Wear your pajamas for bed.

Set and review your schedule

Take a few minutes to review your plans for the day and week. Do this the night before with a quick review of your calendar, so you’re a step ahead mentally when you wake up. Doing this is beneficial because you’ll have fewer decisions in the morning.

You can choose exactly how your day goes, a massive perk of being a stay-at-home wife. However, you’ll be more efficient with a schedule and a routine. Empower yourself by being organized. Set yourself up to feel accomplished by the end of the day.

Overworking yourself can upset your balance for the day. Think about what you want to do and when. It’s tempting to fill up your day from beginning to end with your to-do list. Instead, plan time for your duties as well as some downtime. You’ll get overwhelmed if you hurry through your day with no breaks.

Be realistic and think about what it will take to get things done. Prioritize a few essential items and leave the rest as optional tasks.

Get in sync with the budget.

To make your stay-at-home arrangement work, you and your husband must be a team and on the same page with your budget.

Unless you work from home, you probably live on one income. You must be creative and organized to do this workout. More than likely, you will make most of the purchases. You may even be in charge of paying the bills. No matter what, you both have to know where the money is going.

A good marriage requires two people who can communicate well with each other, especially about money and emotions. Money can create problems within a wedding, so talk to each other regularly.

Define your financial goals as a couple and commit to spending money as a team. This is all about trust, and if you both communicate effectively, honestly, and clearly, your confidence will help you build a solid marital foundation. Your money decisions reflect your teamwork, so put a good plan in place and work at it daily.

Everyone needs a little fun, even on a tight budget. A budget can sometimes feel like a prison sentence if it doesn’t have a little flexibility. Agree on an amount and let each other have some freedom and fun.

Use some of that money for little splurges and even small surprises for each other. A little generosity like that will go far in a marriage.

Stay productive and on-task

One tricky part of being a stay-at-home wife is separating your work from play. If you work at an office, it’s obvious; you’re either at work or home.

You are your boss, and your business is taking care of you and your family. But if your work is in your home, the separation becomes more difficult. Your comfy couch you just vacuumed, which was your work activity, is also your casual, relaxing place.

Your mind and your surroundings are full of distractions. You’ll be easily pulled off-task if you don’t have a plan and a few tools to help you stay on track. To stay productive, you must train your mind to know the difference between work time and downtime.

There are many productivity tools, so find one that works for you. Productivity or list apps are great on your phone because they are portable and easily changed. You might prefer a pen, paper, and calendars to keep yourself on track. Set reminders on your phone to start or stop things.

Consider working from home.

Just because you don’t go to an office daily doesn’t mean you can’t earn money.

This is a great time to consider putting your skills to work from the comfort of your home. Even a few hundred dollars a month can make a big difference. Plus, if you enjoy your work, you can develop a new purpose for your day and create your job.

Many people do side or full-time gigs from home, and here are a few ideas to start with.

  • Sell your services locally: Start a service-based business like dog walking, pet sitting, a home delivery service, or house painting.
  • Freelance work: Use your technical or career skills to do photography, writing, editing, bookkeeping, or computer-based work from home.
  • Sell things: Use your creative side and sell products you make on Etsy or social media channels. Sell your old belongings or scout sales for desirable items and resell them.

Get out of the house.

You may be a stay-at-home wife, but that does not mean you must spend the whole day at home. You’ll appreciate your four walls more if you get away from them now and then.

  • Start a garden: A garden will keep you busy for many months in the fresh air. Start early enough, and you’ll have a bountiful harvest for much of the summer and fall.
  • Volunteer: Get out and help your community. When you give your time, you make your community a better place. Thinking of others also enables you to keep a more grateful and generous attitude at home.
  • Exercise outdoors: Take a walk, run, or wander and enjoy. Get your vitamin D in the sunshine for a few minutes daily. Even if it’s not sunny, get a little fresh air. See nature unfold around you and appreciate the seasons.

Use self-care routines

You’re no good to yourself or anyone else in your home if you are grumpy and worn out. You have tasks and a purpose, but you are nobody’s slave.

Part of your job as a stay-at-home wife is to take care of yourself. Besides, who else will do it? Nobody, not even your husband. He may provide most of the income, but your responsibility to your body and mind remains yours.

Exercise and move your body; do not sit around all day. Even though you may have downtime, be active during the day. Take a 15-minute walk around your neighborhood. If you can’t get out, walk laps around your home or exercise in place.

The at-home exercise industry is booming, so you’ll find out about any activity you want online.

Yoga, walking, high-intensity workouts, or gentle stretching are great. Put on some fast music and rock it out. You can even pump up your heart rate by livening up your chores. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll look better.

Make your home cozy and welcoming.

Your home is your nest, your sanctuary where you and your husband feel the most comfortable. You welcome your friends and family into this space. This is your chance to put your personal touch into everything you see and hear.

Choose personal decor that speaks to both of your tastes. Try not to make it all about you and your preferences. Remember, your husband lives there too. This won’t be an overnight thing; it will probably evolve over the years you are together.

Declutter regularly. It may not seem like much, but decluttering has an almost magical effect on your mindset. Your mind gets irritated with a lot of visual clutter. You may not even be sure what’s wrong, but your mind will. Cleaning is essential, but decluttering is the key to a calm and happy home.

Choosing to Be a Stay-at-Home Wife

Your choice is empowering. You can create the life you desire for yourself and your husband.

Don’t sell yourself short by being lazy and unproductive. Instead, commit to your daily purpose as a homemaker and make the best of it. Be the best boss you’ve ever had, and love your job title as a stay-at-home wife.

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