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18 Romantic Things to Do for Your Wife That’ll Make Her Melt

Benefits of getting Romantic Things To do for Your Wife:

  • Make her feel cared for and appreciated
  • Make her feel desired
  • Surprise her in good ways
  • Rebuild the connection you have with her
  • Make her want to spend time with you
  • Increase your confidence

If you’ve been married for a while, perhaps the passion and romance have dwindled.

Maybe life’s routines have become so predictable that excitement is a thing of the past. Maybe you’ve even gotten a bit lazy in the relationship, and your wife seems dissatisfied.

You love your wife, and you appreciate the stability of your marriage, but you’ve definitely let the romance slide.

Think back to when you first started dating your wife.

Remember when you’d do anything to make her laugh?

When you bought her small gifts or wrote her love notes?

Recall the chemistry and excitement between the two of you.

Like many good things in life, marriages require maintenance – otherwise, things will get stagnant.

You can make this fun if you have the right mindset. Your marriage should feel inspiring and playful to strengthen the bond between you and your wife continuously.

Nurturing Relationship

Your relationship needs to be nurtured, cared for, and attended to like a garden.

What happens when you neglect your garden?

Weeds begin to grow. When you make romantic gestures, your wife won’t feel neglected. This doesn’t mean your wife will cheat on you or leave, but upping your romantic game will help your marriage in a few different ways. Doing romantic things for your wife will:

There are plenty of sweet things you can do for your wife that will bring romance back into your marriage. But remember – romance ISN’T just about seducing your wife, hoping the result is sex.

Doing romantic things for her might heat things up in the bedroom, but initially, focus on making her smile and reminding her how much you love her! It will require some work and planning on your part.

Here are 18 ideas to get you started:

1. Make Dating a Priority

Couple on Date
Try planning a romantic evening out and handling everything – from the babysitter to opening the doors.

Once or twice a month (or weekly, if possible!), plan a romantic evening out.

Pick the restaurant or what to do. Arrange for the babysitter. Drive everywhere and pay for everything. Open the car door for her, ask “getting-to-know-you” questions, and be a gentleman.

Acting as though you’ve just started dating will help build sexual chemistry and boost your libido. Most important, you and your wife can spend time away from the busy day-to-day routine.

2. Say Good Morning to Her

Before you do anything else, smile, make eye contact, and tell your wife good morning.

Start the day off on the right foot.

3. Surprise Her

On your way home from work, grab a small gift for your wife. You might grab flowers, her favorite coffee, or a bottle of wine.

Bring home dinner.

Order something off her Amazon wishlist.

4. Write a Love Letter

Love letters deepen the intimacy between the two of you. It’s also a great way to communicate if you have trouble verbalizing your feelings.

Write down a list of all the things you love about her:

Why did you fall in love with her?

In what ways do you appreciate her?

Email it to her, or handwrite the letter. You can also randomly leave her handwritten notes. You might say, “Hey, I was just thinking about you and wanted to tell you I love the life we have together.”

Simple notes like this will make a difference. When you’re not at home, send her a quick text.

Let her know you’re thinking about her.

5. Be on the Lookout for Fun Events and Activities

Date at Art Exhibit
Life doesn’t have to become stale and boring just because your relationship has lasted a long time! Look for fun, new, local events, like concerts, art exhibits, and festivals.

Make your date night romantic and fun by looking out for unusual or exciting local events.

See live music, attend an art exhibit, go to a play, or choose any other event your wife will enjoy. Buy the tickets and surprise her.

6. Give Her a Massage

After a long and busy day, who doesn’t love a massage?

Don’t expect a massage in return. Light a candle, use a scented oil, and focus on your wife. Allow her to relax completely.

7. Focus on Yourself

Looks aren’t everything, but you probably want to be physically attractive to your wife.

Trim your body hair, practice good personal hygiene, and dress to impress when you go out for date nights.

Be the best you can be for her and your family. Set some small goals to better yourself to ensure you remain healthy in the future.

8. Step Up

Romantic things don’t have to be complexsometimes they are the simplest things you can imagine!

Show your wife you care by doing something that will make her life easier.

Here are some daily tasks you can do to lighten her daily load:

  • Offer to stay with the kids so she can go out with her friends
  • Load the dishwasher or wash the dishes
  • Clean up the clutter around the house
  • Prepare breakfast
  • Do the grocery shopping
  • Do the laundry (and fold it, too!)
  • Fill her car with gas

9. Spoil Her in the Bedroom

Romantic Bedroom Setup
Set the mood and create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom with candles, music, massage oil, and a bottle of chilled wine.

Regular physical intimacy lowers stress and increases trust. Sexy time will also strengthen the bond you have with your wife.

Make your sex life romantic by setting the mood with candles, music, massage oil, fun toys, and anything else that will add a dash of playfulness.

Let your wife know there’s no hurry, and take your time kissing, engaging in foreplay, and being together. Above all else, have fun!

10. Take a Trip

One great way to build the romance with your wife is to plan a surprise getaway – whether it’s a day trip, a nearby weekend getaway at a Bed & Breakfast, or a more extended trip.

Couples who travel together experience deeper intimacy, and it’s also a lot of fun to explore new places together.

11. Make It All About Her

Plan a night out that’s ALL about your wife – make reservations at a restaurant she loves, and then attend an activity or event she would love. See a concert or movie she has been dying to see.

12. Cook Her Dinner

Look up some fabulous recipes, go grocery shopping, and make it a romantic dinner for two at home. You might even do this every week!

13. Be Physically Affectionate

Couple Cuddling
Look for opportunities to incorporate affectionate physical touch in your day-to-day lives.

Does your wife love physical touch?

Most women do! It is scientifically proven that hugs make people happier.

Even if there’s no sex inIt involved, physical intimacy is a powerful and romantic way to express your love and affection.

You can hold hands while watching TV, passionately kiss at least once a day, hug frequently, and cuddle whenever possible.

14. Put Your Phone Down and Talk

Every day, dedicate time to each other without any electronic devices. Maintain eye contact, smile, and chat.

15. Listen and Don’t Try to Just “Fix” Things

Listening is the cornerstone of good communication. Your wife wants to have a safe place to talk without judgment or guilt. Sometimes she might just need to vent about her day.

If she just needs a listening ear, she might not want your advice. If she does, she’ll ask for it.

16. Play With Her Hair

Only do this if your wife is OK with it! Some women don’t want their hair played with, but if you do it without expectation or a plan, your wife might like it. Just do it to connect with her.

17. Make Her Laugh

Remember the days when she laughed at things you said?

That might have been one of the things that attracted her to you. Bring a smile to her face with a joke or funny commentary. Share inside jokes and keep things light. It will make all the difference.

Laughter is one of the most incredible ways to connect with your wife intimately.

18. Flirt With Her

Flirty Couple
A flirtatious comment is whispered in her ear, and a quick kiss on the neck is sure to bring some sparks and excitement back into your relationship.

Early on in your relationship, you both probably easily flirted with one another. Bring it back by making a sly double entendre or giving her a playful look.

Touch her lightly, whisper in her ear, or give her a quick kiss on the neck. Flirtatious signals let her know you think she’s hot and you’re still in the game!


Being romantic doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Many of the suggestions are so simple, and you can easily inject romance into your marriage if you follow through and plan to do just a couple of these suggestions every day.

Pay attention, make the time, and put your wife first. By using these romantic ideas for your wife, you’ll successfully keep the spark alive in your marriage.

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